Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thoughtful Conservative

Bruce Bartlett on Where the Right Went Wrong from on Vimeo.

Many times here, I've referred to and quoted Bruce Bartlett, conservative economist and senior economic advisor to Ronald Reagan. I'd hope my right-wing readers can get past the fact that it's Bill Moyers' show (how reprehensible, he, to speak truth and consider subjects with the thoroughness of a reporter) and watch the above video. Take a break from talk radio, from the RWS™, and listen to reason.

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Frank Drackman said...

Thats right, don't comment anybody, move along, just move along, batting cages are closed...

OK, took me 10 minutes to figure out that wasn't Rush Limbo.
But I have to admit, it was fascinatng, enlightening, and unlike the Peas-Eater-in-Cheese, I've changed my mind on SSM.

and thats a Slice-O-Life from the early 70's, you know, how you used to say "23 Skidoo!" back in the 40''d say something really rediculous to one of your buddies, like "I think there'll be a Black President some day" and in that brief instant when they thought you were serious you'd yell "JINX!" and punch them on the arm.
You could also do it if you said the same thing simultaneously...which may have played a role in my delayed language skills.
That and the 90% N-word(Non-White) Intergrated Pubic School I attended...
anyway, I'm still fascinated and astonished..
that Bill Moyer's is still alive, I mean, he was making boring PBS shows thst nobody watched back when I was a kid...
and believe it or not, my old Man was a PBS fan, but hey they only had 4 channels back then.
And when I got to big to spank, he'd use it as a disciplinary device,
made me watch "I, Claudius" after he caught me smoking...
Oh, the Humanity!


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