Friday, February 17, 2012

Head Lines

As our local county executive, a Democrat, is revealed to have been having an affair, probably, in part, on the public's dime, I had a thought. Came up with a witticism, a phrase. I sort of like it, so here it is, apropos past occurrences and current events:

When Democrats get power, they think with their dicks. When Republicans get power, they think with yours.

One of those things that sounds good as long as you don't give it much thought.


  1. I don't get it.
    Its more like when DemoKKKrats get power they Fuc* you,
    when RepubicKLans get power they cut your taxes.
    Damn thats good, almost as good as the recent disclosures by that old broad claimin JFK gave her Ana*.
    OK, she didn't exactly say "Ana*" but it was implied.
    And she's totally lying, no way JFK would stick JFK Jr in something that old...


  2. "when RepubicKLans get power they cut your taxes"

    If by "Your" you mean the 1%!


  3. ? Sorry ..meant to add words - I don't get it? Must be a guy thing ..which it is ..but ..oh heck it's 02:04 est ..I'll try again in the morning ..other end of it.


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