Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm A Believer

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  1. I'll bite: please practice your comforting rituals in private, and please keep your God out of my face and my politics. Get to know him the way many others before you did, quietly, at home or in other solitary comfort zones. And after Sunday or whatever day rocks your boat, please refrain the rest of the week.

    When I was a kid 40-odd years ago, we could have friends all week long, no one said, "Don't play with that Catholic or that Lutheran, etc. On Sunday, we did our church stuff, some had bible school, some had weekly teen retreat night, some had religious ed, even dances--which I know I was invited to but never went, you get the picture. It was a private think with your church.

    WHY is it all in my FACE all of a sudden! Can't we go back to the privacy thing? And while we're at it, STFU about contraception mandates from a foreign religious leader towards his "flock" and accept the reality that women's health includes contraception and, yes, abortion. Breast exams, pelvic exams, etc. To stifle true proven western medicine leaves us with babies that can't be aborted (except secretly and poorly with nasty results) children with no security of any kind, mothers with possible health and mental issues, it's a nut house. Anne Marie Beurkle, as a nurse, you are a nut job. How dare you preach your sick ideas.

    Sorry Dr Schwab, not quite the place for my rant. But I do hope to see a secular America, relying on rational ideas, students striving for better and BETTER energy sources (not ones made from fossil fuels which will one day run out, even after we desecrate our pristine areas (that may yet have more to show us besides tourism).

    Ok, haven't posted in a while, I apologize, but I've been reading. Please keep up the good fight, we've touched little here but I got it of my chest. TY. And Corey, keep posting.


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