Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well, When You Put It That Way...



  1. OK, since you scared off everyone else with your "Gism" post, I'll take a crack..
    First of all, Films can be Obscene, Books can be Obscene, People(i.e. Ted Kennedy) can be Obscene.
    Profits CANNOT be Obscene, its like saying the Color Blue is Brave, or Taffy is Cowardly, its just rediculous and doesn't make sense, like the Presidents (Peas be upon Him*) Foreign Policy.
    and BTW, what does your So-Old-The-Government-Woulndn't-Even-Buy-it-back-from-you-Clunker run on?
    and I know a type A like you checks your Oil regularly.
    Are you sayin you NEVER have to add oil between changes?
    And guess what they do with your Used Oil?
    Oh sure, they "Recycle" it.
    Just like I recycled 4 qts of 5-30 in my neighbors yard...


    * You know thats funny.
    "Peace be upon Him"
    get it? "PEAS be upon Him"

  2. Excellent analysis, Frank. Right, as usual, on point.

    By the way, I deleted a comment directed at you. Tells you something. (Well, for one thing, it was anonymous, but still...) You're welcome.

  3. Are you a "warmista"?

    Skeptical PT

  4. Don't think so; your writer suggests that deniers and advocates are the same, which strikes me as similar to saying atheism is a religion: nonsensical.

    I'm a believer in science, and whereas I'm not an expert, I accept the process and defer to the fact that practically all experts agree. I don't have to understand carbon dating or flourine dating, for example, to accept that the age of the earth is billions of years.

    Similarly, when researchers in the field, using multiple measures including core ice samples, temperature records, atmospheric CO2 levels, carbonic acid levels in the ocean, and others with which I'm less familiar all come to the same conclusion -- namely that anthropogenic climate change is real -- I tend to accept it. Because I accept the scientific method. If you don't, I'd say the burden of proof is on you.

    It's hard to look at the visual evidence of ice-cap melting and conclude it's imaginary. Added to the data that show the rate of change is unprecedented, denialism becomes like denial of evolution or the age of the earth: crazy.

    Like the graphic in the post: it's much more of a stretch to think there's some sort of global conspiracy of scientists than it is to believe in propagandizing by those who stand to gain most from denying it.

    Why, as usual, denial of science seems to be the exclusive bailiwick of one political party in the US is more than mystifying to me. You'd think, at least when it comes to facts and data, it wouldn't come down to politics. Wouldn't you???

  5. "Carbonic Acid Levels in the Ocean"???
    Damn Fish driving those Internal-Combustion-Engined Cars..
    and don't blame Submarines, there mostly Nuclear, and even the Diesel ones emit there exhaust into the Atmosphere.
    Of Course there's Carbonic Acid in the Ocean,
    ITS WHAT FISH EXHALE!!!!!!!!!!!
    just like Peoples,
    infact the only bodies of water without Carbonic Acid are those devoid of life, like my 30,000 gallon backyard Pool.
    Thats right, 30,000 gallons, and thats a SMALL Pool.



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