Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Thoughts

  • If we had single-payer health care for all, this bullshit about who gets contraception and who doesn't would be irrelevant. So would the individual mandate hypocrisy.

  • Mitch McConnell "thinks" Obama should stop criticizing Fox "news." And, after weeping that the president is supposed to lead all Americans, he rails that
You all know the liberal playbook. Here's how it works: Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it and then polarize it. But rarely have we seen those kind of tactics employed with the kind of zeal that we see today.
The proper term for that, I believe, is "projection."

  • Who'd be surprised that Rick "Please-Don't-Google-Me" Santorum, in addition to thinking homosexuality is like bestiality and that Obama is an appeaser, also believes global warming is a "hoax." Not just that it isn't happening, but that the whole idea of it is some sort of coordinated deception (reasons not specified) by virtually all scientists across the planet and, of course, liberals. Well, since understanding requires reading numbers and charts and stuff, maybe we should cut him some slack.... Nah, let's not.

  • Speaking of liberals, the best-known one on the Supreme Court, Antonin Scalia, will likely have to deal with his thoughts on peyote smokers, if the contraceptive issue ever gets there:
    The Supreme Court said Oregon may deny unemployment benefits to people who were fired for smoking peyote as part of a religious tradition, seeing as the drug was illegal in the state. “To permit this would be to make the professed doctrines of religious belief superior to the law of the land, and in effect to permit every citizen to become a law unto himself,” wrote Scalia.

  • There are lots of reasons to want to reelect Barack Obama, but near the top is to see what this guy will say when he's proved wrong. Since he'll never admit it, it should be pretty amusing. On the other hand, who do you suppose would confront him about it? Gun owners?

  • If your party is committed to treating women as second class citizens, calling contraception a sin and rape a gift from god, you may as go all the way and fight renewal of the Violence Against Women Act, right? Shows you how far over the cliff the current Republican party has gone: the previous re-authorization, signed by George Bush, passed unanimously in the Senate and had more than 400 votes in the House.

Can anyone explain how these people are given credibility by anyone at all, let alone women?


Frank Drackman said...

I don't get it Sid,
back in the Old Days, you know, the 60's when you were 30, and the DemoKKKrat Senator from Virginia was an actual KKK member...
The Government provided free contraception, and not the cheap kind where you have to take a pill everyday, or stick a copper wire up the Hoo-Haw, and makes you fat ,and moody, and gives you cancer..
PERMANENT Contraception, they'd even go in the Schools and pick out lucky girls to get it for free...
and do you check the Atlanta Weather(its 18 degrees)everytime you mention Global Warming?
and don't want Cory to cry, so lets all hold hands and sing Kum-Ba-Ya...
and finally something we agree on,
Smokin Peyote's cool, too bad I can't do it legally in Georgia, even with my notarized membership as a Brave in Chief-nok-a-Homa's tribe..
Now if I can just find my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Shemp Proudfoot-Drackman's birthcertificate...


Cory said...

Thanks for thinking bout me Frank, I feel loved.

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