Monday, August 17, 2009

Lying As Policy

I've made the claim several times that the right wing has adopted lying as policy.

Whereas there's no doubt I argue strenuously on occasion, I make an effort not to base my rants on inaccuracy or deception. I'd go so far as to say (without having re-read all of my stuff) that no one could find an example to the contrary. So I find this article life-affirming, as it were. Whereas neither side is perfect, it's pretty clear who's routinely crossing the line. Someone was nice enough to put the meat of the article in graphic form:

I rest my case, your honors.

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  1. The Rethugs don't give a crap about fixing health care. They'd much rather it NOT be fixed on Obama's watch.

    Thus, the lies, followed by more lies, followed by great big honkin' whoppers, all reported breathlessly as Da Truf by Faux Noise and its radio arms of hateful bullshit.


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