Friday, August 7, 2009

Moderation In All Things

Comment moderation has resumed. Most likely, there's only one commenter whose verbiage will be absent. If Blogger allowed the specific rejection of a given person, I'd have gone that way. In general, all comments are most welcome; especially people who disagree. But I have a certain inclination toward useful, or humorous, or otherwise enlightening commentary. Unrelenting trollishness has become unwelcome. There's enough of that everywhere.


  1. Gee Sid, hope I'm not the one you're referrin to...:), and that Colon and Elipsis is whats called an "Emoticon", all the crazy kids today are usin em, its supposed to be like a little smiley face, of course ya gotta turn your head 90 degrees, might wanta get someone to spot ya....
    C'mon ya gotta love the I-rony of a Tofu eatin, Pacific Northwest Lefty censorin free speach like Tipper Gore....

    Not expectin to see this....

    Frank, your BFF

  2. Nope, Frank, you're wrong once again. You fall into the (usually) humorous category. ;)


Comments back, moderated. Preference given for those who stay on topic.

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