Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Right In Toon

Pretty much says what I've been trying to say for a long time. Building a health care delivery system around private insurers just makes no sense; at least the insurers with whom I've dealt.

And yet the left is too weak-kneed and beholden, and the right is too hide-bound and dishonest to face facts.


  1. Thanks, Sid. I grabbed this and posted it at Tangled Up in Blue Guy.

  2. Sid, could you find a MORE condescending sounding voice over for your little film??? Almost makes Barbara Mikulski tolerable...Seriously, even Ted Kennedy would roll over to the other side if he had to listen to that whiny know it all... And did you see the Honor Guard strugglin to load old lard-ass in the hearse??? Whole days worth of hernia repairs...


  3. Love this post Sid. Coming from a Surgeon, it seems to cut even deeper. (pun intended).

    I share your pessimism and misanthropy however, and I doubt that we will ever see a meaningful change

    Frank, you personify the term "Douche Bag". Let's do something productive with you and donate your vital organs to a glue factory.

    Sky Minor


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