Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Howard Dean suggests allowing people under 65 to sign up for medicare. Seems simple enough. Figure out an appropriate premium, supplement those who need it. People who hate the idea of government-run care can have their insurance, and people who are okay with it can sign up. It'd be an interesting experiment, at the very least: a real handle on the extent to which the town-hall teabaggers and those who show up packing heat represent the sense of the populace.

I realize it's just a simpler way of setting up a "public option." I understand the concerns about cost. But with premiums thirty percent lower than private insurance, you'd still be able to pay as you go, assuming the lower overhead and lack of money going for insurer profits. And if fiscally conservative Republicans could actually start behaving that way, you'd think they'd be okay with a plan to find savings by looking at what works. You know: death panels.

Funny, huh? Conservatives hate government, hate socialism, hate medicare. And scream bloody murder (literally) at the merest mention of controlling its costs.

Meanwhile, I really hope Dr. Dean's idea comes to fruition. I wanna see how many of those crazies stand on whatever principles they think they're espousing and refuse better care at lower cost.


  1. Howard Dean might have a little credibility if he actually practiced medicine and didn't scream like a raving lunatic...Yeah, that Medicare's great, that and $150 gets you a happy ending in the Players Club...most doctors in my neck of the woods don't take Medi-dont'care.. oh they say they do, but just try and get an appointment...its like finding that 1 cheap fare on the Airbus...
    Still don't understand why you Democrats can't pass anything, except Gas...


  2. The problem with Medicare is not the concept, but the funding. That's where the argument ought to be: Medicare for all, as an option. Simple. How do we pay for it? Not simple, but doable. Premiums, taxes, savings in the system.

    As to why Democrats can't pass anything: like I've said: they're idiots, too. The congressional ones, anyway.

  3. The thing is pretty simple:
    I guess I would stand up at a town meeting and ask: "Mr/Ms. Senator, why can't the people have the same plan you do??" Nobody rationed or questioned 74 year old Ted Kennedy's operation, radiation and possibly chemo for his incurable glioblastoma of the brain. Or 65yr old Sen. Dodd's trip to Sloan Kettering NYC for prostate cancer surgery. "Hey, gimme your plan and I will be happy to pay."
    What am I missing?

  4. One thing you're missing is that every government employee, including the elevator operators, has the same plan, not just Senators.

    Also, why not agree that giving everyone access Medicare instead of a plan that continues sending all that money to insurance companies would accomplish the same thing at lower cost?

  5. I agree...if the plan is good for all government employees, including elevator operators, why not "US"? Why not US FOLK?
    And, yes, access to a plan identical to Medicare would be great, except where we live, many, many doctors won't see Medicare patients, EVEN if they have AARP or Blue Cross "supplemental". I have had that happen to me. Docs like cash.
    Recently, docs have been charging, as have hospitals, as if this is last of the 9th with two down....massive charges. Massive for next to nothing visits, including $500 just to "sign into" the ER. Unbelievable.
    I pay nearly $7,000 a year to Blue Cross and Medicare (taken out of social security check) for three folks...the two NOT old enough for Medicare have a $2,000 deductible and NO prescriptions or mental health or pregnancy...just major crush/nearly dead insurance.
    I know the insurance guys are ripping us off...hugely. I respect Medicare as efficient, but holy smokes, the current thing is beyond me...
    My point was SIMPLE. We want the plan YOU GUYS have (What is complicated about that?

  6. Sid, if the Government Plan that Congress gets is so great howcome Barney Frank got his CABG done at Bethesda Naval Hospital?????
    And don't say its cause he likes Guys in White Sailor Suits...


  7. You tell me, Frank. You've indicated many times you know what's in his heart.

  8. You tell me, Frank. You've indicated many times you know what's in his heart.

    And it wasn't me that said that plan is so great. I'm for single payer. You know, like, Bethesda.

    (Okay, Bethesda is socialism.)


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