Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It always happens. When violent acts are committed in the name of some political belief or another, the target side blames rhetorical incitement from the other side; while the presumed originating side claims the violent are singular people, in no way a result of hate speech, and, as a matter of fact, the target side is the one to blame. They were asking for it, we'll be told.

The thing is there's not much in the way of equivalency. There simply is nothing on the left like the high tension crazy on the right; neither in numbers nor in calor. No network with the reach and singleness of purpose of Fox "news," no left-wing radio like that of the RWS™; and among those on the left that do rant and rave (to comparatively small and generally distracted and mildly amused public audiences), there's simply no one who calls for revolution, for becoming "armed and dangerous," for "destroying" the opposition; not to anywhere near the same extent as the righties. Nor, in the rare cases when it happens, is there the sort of deafening silence from the lefty leaders that we hear on the right. Or, among the recipients, the serious taking to heart.

So it seems obvious that, to the extent that fanning flames actually fans flames, and that the inflamed are fans of the fanners, there ought to be some blame and some sense of responsibility. And calls for it all to stop.

Now, admittedly, these guys don't look like a brain trust, and it might well be that their influences are more the voices already in their heads than the ones seeking hourly entry:

I'd say the same about the guy that actually threatened Eric Cantor (as opposed to the imaginary attack over which he was so breathless a few days back):

He evidently does hear voices. Much as the RWS™ will try to push him off as a liberal, he's way too crazy for that. Screamer, all the way. Got the paranoia and the theories. Religious nutjob? Not many on the left.

Of course, there's nothing at all funny about any of this. If it's true -- and it is -- that there have always been fringe groups and haters in our politics, it's also true that there's never been this universal level of priming of the pump, constantly, with unanimity, 24/7, land, air, and sea. Obama hates America. He has a deep-seated hatred of white people. He wants to destroy us. He's a Nazi. He's a terrorist. Concentration camps. His policies are destroying everything precious. We must take our country back, by any means necessary.

How can that not justify the actions of those who, crazy or not, wish to do actual harm? How can anyone who uses that language -- and it includes nearly ALL Republican leaders at this point -- ever demonstrate ANY cooperation with a person they claim is that evil?

To me, this is unprecedented, and I'm pretty old. Something really bad is going to happen. What has, so far, been cynical political strategy to "energize" potential Republican voters is turning dangerous. It's only a matter of time. And, per usual, those most responsible will deny it to their dying day.

Except they won't be the ones doing the dying.

[Note to my ones of readers: I'm having important distractions now and for the next week; therefore what posts I may or may not post will or will not have more or less than the usual amount of attention paid before posting.]


  1. Would you consider Black Panther's analogous but on the left?

  2. Yes, along with other actions four decades ago. The difference, though, is that they weren't supported and condoned either by the media or by Democratic leaders.

    While I was serving in Vietnam, my wife was working to elect an anti-war president, and supporting anti war causes. But doing so via "the system." I was against the war, but served. I never condoned the violent actions of those days, nor did a vast majority of those against the war. No one in national elective politics got up and fanned the flames. Nor were the war or racial discrimination imaginary offenses.

  3. Sid, seriously, I think the pharmacist's puttin tictacs in your Namenda...
    What about Bill Ayers??? Blew up his Girlfriend...or his Wife?? Or was it his current wife blew up his ex girlfriend?? Heck I was only 8, I don't remember.
    At least he didn't leave her to Drown, OH, I'm sorry, Asphyxiate like happened to Mary Jo Kopechne...
    "Any Means Necessary"?? that was Malcolm the Xth...not exactly a Republican.
    and the Unabomber??? actually his manifesto makes more sense than AlGore...

  4. A little more the hate-filled crazies can be seen here;

    PS--Bill Ayers has been a visitor to the White House at least a couple of times in the past year. Gee--I thought they were just passersby in the neighborhood?


  5. Uh, Frank? I believe I covered that issue in the main post, and in the comment above yours. You must read every single word, take the time to digest the meaning of each, and then move on to the next. Then take them together; they form sentences which, in turn, form paragraphs. All of those things together make for a complete thought.

  6. Uh, Teabagger? I believe I covered that issue in the main post, and in the comment above yours. You must read every single word, take the time to digest the meaning of each, and then move on to the next. Then take them together; they form sentences which, in turn, form paragraphs. All of those things together make for a complete thought.

    And since you have an even harder time than Frank, I'll try to speak slowly, just for you: there......... was............ no............ media............ network, .........there ..............were LWS ..............goading............... them ..............on ..................or ...............hyping ..............their gatherings. ................The Democratic .............Party ...........was ..............not.............. organizing.............. them............. and............. funding ..............their ............efforts. ...........There .............was .............not ..............the .............steady ..............of ..............calls ..............politicians .............take .............up .............arms.

  7. I hope that all is well with you Dr S.

    I have a lot of comments in WhiteCoat blog if you want to see why I went to bed for the signing of the bill.

    Take care Dr S.

  8. No left wing radio???

    Umm you do listen to NPR??

    Thats N.........P.........R
    or as AlGore says when hes not stuffing his fat face...


    and then you have all 3 "Major" networks, the Commie News Network, and PMS-NBC....

    and who you tryin to Hypno-Tize???

    Hey, did you here Gitmo's bein closed??????????

    April's Fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Yeah, you're right, Frankie: that Jim Lehrer can froth at the mouth when he calls for taking down.... uh.... Well, Katie Couric for sure. She's accused ... uh.... someone? ..... of being a..... uh... Okay, but Terrie Gross, man, there's a screamer for sure.

  10. Seaspray: I left a comment on one of your comments at White Coat blog, with links that explain only a few of your wildly misinformed positions. Since you chose to comment there and not to respond to my request for explanation of your despair over the ACA, it seems a little pointless to go further here, or to waste the time of people at W C blog.

    There are answers to your questions, and explanations of your misinformation. But since you went there and not here, I'm guessing you don't really want to hear them.

  11. Dr S ..I looked repeatedly for your comment in the 3 posts in which I commented a lot and did not see you under any of my comments. I am tired and so I will look again in the morning. I should've gone to bed at 7. I am that kind of tired where I think I could sleep until Sunday tired. Unusual for me..but going to bed.

    What is ACA?

    I didn't come back to comment because you didn't answer my question I asked a few times in different comments or address any points I made in the 4 comments I last put up in the one post. And I know there is a good chance if you did you would throw FOX up. Heh! That's kind of funny .."Throw FOX up". I bet you feel that way physically sometimes regarding them.

    But more importantly ..I feel beaten up in here.

    I am upset about how tea party people are spoken of... being linked to violence. That is the most ludicrous thing ever. I never noticed police in riot gear with tear gas ready to go. Not one tea party person has been arrested. Nj is very blue but the county I live in is mostly republican/conservative ..although the demographics are changing as more people move up from the city. I have n-e-v-e-r met any conservative or church person that is as heinous as you continually describe them. You latch on to the few crazies and condemn everyone. Conversely ..I do not do that with progressives. I recognize that there are fringe elements on both sides.

    And none of us know for sure on either side ..if we see a nazi sign that it wasn't someone from the other side trying to make them look bad. And then the press zooms in on the 1 or 2 people out of an entire crows.

    And the dems are playing a dangerous card every time they use violence for talking points. Republicans have their share of threats too.

    And I know that none of the fox hosts I have ever watched/listened to have ever called for violence. they speak out against it. Beck even said Ghandi had it right and explained why. They continually caution people to be peaceable with their protests. Have they yelled? you bet. Are they angry at not being listened to? you bet. So am I. But no one advocates violence. That would be awful for everyone.

    I remember the 70s. Soldiers being spit on, urinated on and called baby killers. Bombs and violent mobs.

    It is refreshing to finally see conservatives having their voices heard. And they did it wthout throwing even one bomb or beating anyone up. Remember the union thugs beating and kicking a black guy up who was only sitting at a table selling things? The were mad because he opposed Obama. I've yet to see even 1 tea party person do that. And if they did would be plastered over every possible news medium. How much coverage did Cantor actually get?? Where was all the condemnation when Bill Maher wished it was Beck that was injured or killed. Oh that was funny no condemnation there. But then that blatant double standard applies... and so that explains it. *NO ONE should be spoken of that way.*

    And we could easily go through the list of organizations that have been violent on the left. I do know they are extremists and not mainstream. What I abhor is that Pelosi and her ilk come out and paint conservative protesters that way ..from the beginning ..except when she had that little self serving blip a couple of months ago where she said that actually ..we have a lot in common with the tea party. But they are back to painting conservatives as violent, hateful instigators.

    Of course the left never does a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g violent.

    Come to think of it ..I cannot think of even one *conservative mob* in my entire life that has ever been destructive ..breaking windows, throwing bombs and needing to be pushed back by police in riot gear. But boy that cross section of Americana of all ages and walks of life ..they are scary. I bet the couple of policemen assigned there are shaking in there plain uniforms and boots. The images of patriotic flag waving must keep them awake at night.

  12. I am upset how the democrats continually play the race card and it is refreshing to see black people speak out against it. Good for them. I am shocked when I hear them try to say people against the HC plan are racist. OMG...THAT is not even on my mind! But you know ..THEY sure MUST be racist because they sure love to try to fan the fires of racism every chance they get. That card is really old. Unfortunately ..there are people that buy into it. Disgusting!

    I am upset as I write this and I do not want to do this anymore about these issues. Every conservative person I know is decent. Are there the kind you like to describe? Oh I am sure there are..BUT they ARE a minority and in no way reflect the majority of good conservatives in this country. And as much as I disagree with your views or the progressives... I do not hate anyone and I do not have horrible anger toward any one personally. I cannot stand the way the bill was pushed through but we will not go there. You read what I think.

    And I do not lump the bad apples on the left into one angry, crazy, hateful, stupid mob. That would be wrong... and not true.

    Then I feel saddened and frustrated when I see Christians continually blamed in here and then again's like we are all linked together. Again ..I do not have the kind of anger and hate you seem to be experiencing based on what you spew out against people of faith. Oh I know ..every now and then you say it's not all Christians, but even Frank recently commented that you blame Christians for everything. I know he was using humor too.

    But you know ..maybe they should just close up all the Christian and Jewish Hospitals, pull all the missionaries around the world back and let everyone feed,clothe, house, find there own water, medicate and heal themselves. Shut down the orphanages away with anything that is in anyway associated with God or imperfect humans that try to minister in his name. Purify the world of all Christians. Wouldn't it just be a better place then?

    I am sorry if I have misunderstood in anyway .. and maybe I am being sensitive ..but I also ..don't personally know any hateful Christians. Oh and stupid. Because that is the other thing ..they must be stupid to believe that way. Including your colleagues and scientists ..who just happen to embrace faith and see it differently. Is it possible they have discovered something you don't yet understand? They have scientific minds/education just as you do. You link a lot of good people together with the bad apples.

  13. I always heard the left was tolerant ..but I have not seen evidence of that.

    I see Bill O'reilly (Catholic-believes in God) is putting up 16,000 dollars to cover court charges for the family who was harassed by those HATEFUL baptists. They protested because their dead son was gay. I do not know anyone who would condone that.

    And let me tell you ..those people ..they are NOT Christians. Jesus would have shown love and compassion to that family. One of the signs said "God Hates you!" Oh really?

    That is not Biblical. Tomorrow is Good Friday. Jesus sacrificed his life because he loved mankind so much. John 3:16 (I know you don't believe that but I am stating it to make my point that these people are not in any way representative of true Christianity/God)

    And when he was alive ..he went right to the sinners and loved them ..showed compassion. God hates all sin ..but LOVES all sinners. They are so GROSSLY misguided and SHAME on that pastor and it is CRAZY ...HATEFUL people like that that give Christianity a bad name. Same for that militia group. Not representative of true Christianity in anyway and they are lunatic fringe. And if you want to say that is what conservatives are ..then using that same logic what are progressives if you want to list a-l-l the violent activist groups on the left? I believe they are a minority and do not represent most on the left but if you think the crazies represent the right then I guess the left must be violent and crazy too because you can't have it both ways. You can't give the left a pass and condemn the right. Of course the press does that quite a bit... so maybe you can.

    You said a while back that we would never change the others mind. And I really don't want to keep coming in and annoying you. I'd much rather read surgeon'sblog. And I don't like how bad I feel when I leave here when I read the really angry posts.

    It has been interesting and you are a fantastic writer ..gifted with words. You and Frank are HILARIOUS! I've enjoyed that. And I've enjoyed the other commenters. But when the tone gets mean ..I am just not comfortable. And you know what they say .."If you can't stand the heat ..get out of the ..."

    And I think you will feel better without me in here. I do appreciate that you never considered me a troll. I know some of what I have said tonight will have angered you or at very least frustrated you and I don't want to do that to you.

    Anyway ..I never went to bed obviously and now really must. I will look for your comment over in WhiteCoat's blog again tomorrow. Did you use your name?

  14. Wow. Just. Wow. You need to broaden your news sources. You didn't hear of the teabag leader who called for bricks to be thrown through Democrat windows, and of the bricks that were thrown through Democrat windows?

    Conservative voices "finally" heard? After 8 years of Bush? After watering down the ACA and the stimulus plan with their ideas?

    I don't latch onto all religious people. Just the ones that fly into buildings, demand creationism in schools, deny global warming, deny gay rights. So that leaves...

    Yeah, Glenn denounces violence. After he says he fears for our country, that Obama hates whites, that we need to take back our country, that Obama plans concentration camps. They all do it that way. Who, me, they say, with little crocodile tears....

    I don't plan to go back to WC blog, but I looked at a couple of posts there, found one in which you commented and asked why oh why they got rid of all the good things about health care, didn't do tort reform.

    I don't blame you, though, for not wanting to post here anymore. It's easier when everyone agrees with you, like at WC.

  15. P.S: I love your race card comment. It's absolutely perfect, and pretty much says it all.

    Except for the fact that you seem to think that since you don't personally know any one who (fill in the blank)s, it's not an important issue. You should get to know these people. There are lots more. Trust me, like you used to.

  16. Dr S - I don't understand. *Why* do you think I should get to know the vile militia people?

    I never said race was not an important issue. It is so important they have to stop using it because they can incite people.

    Look at reverend Wright and the things he has said. That is HORRIBLE! I was floored. I honest to God did not know there are regular people that go to churches like that and believe that stuff. THAT is frightening. And how will the racial divide ever heal when that stuff is taught? Please tell me why you think that is a good thing. because I really do NOT understand and guarantee I will never agree with you or anyone that supports that kind of talk.

    I also did not know a so called church that was so hateful (that baptist one) existed. I am shocked. Maybe I am naive. But they do not represent true Christianity.

    These kind of people far left the other I don't know their politics... but right, left or middle they do NOT represent normal people or True Christians.

    I stand by what I said. Btw - the race card is absolutely overplayed by the dems and it is so wrong to do that. The racial divide will never heal as long as they keep doing that.

    Remember Duke University? their lives were turned upside down and when you have racist slapped on your name that is a serious charge.

    The first time I heard there was a racial divide in this country was during the OJ Simpson trial. Geraldo Rivera kept talking about it. At first I was shocked and then I said to my husband that if Geraldo keeps talking about it like this we will never heal.

    I treat people with respect and like I want to be treated. That's all. When I hear comments that people are racist if they don't like the HC bill ..that was shocking the 1st time I heard it. I wasn't thinking about anyone's race ..just the debacle of a HC bill.

    I am not ignoring your posts. But you don't read or answer mine as if you've read them.

    If you did would not be telling me to read about the militia. Go back and *read* my comment and you will see I condemn them and they are fringe and not at all representative of tea party, conservatives or any other normal Americans. They are psychwacks!

    I still have to answer Dwight in WC's blog and you. Easter weekend and busy.


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