Friday, September 23, 2011

The Best They Have To Offer

Far be it from I to point out that from the audience of the party that loves our troops exclusively and unconditionally there came boos for a soldier during last night's debate. Nor would I follow that up by pointing out that none of the candidates condemned it from the stage. (The debate was sponsored by Fox "news," for gods' sake: don't wanna rub up against those guys.)

I would like to mention the flat out lies that fairly flew from the lips of the hopefuls, once again demonstrating that facts simply are of no importance to Republicans; especially those who want to govern this country for which they claim exclusivity in the love department. Starting with the most disconnected:

Perry (and the rest.) Oh, and if this wasn't a lie, it was no less mind-blowing.

And more. More. More.

Hearing Romney repeat the bogus claims of Obama "apologizing" for America is getting old, along with the exceptionalism thing. Or his claim that "Obamacare" puts a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor.

It seems clear that the Republican punditocracy is starting to realize what an idiot Perry is. (What took them so long? Longer than the ten seconds it took anyone with a pair of eyes and ears.) The only question is whether it will matter to teabaggR voters, whose love for him is only exceeded by their love for the one person more idiotic than he (among those, that is, who have a chance at the nomination.) Idiocy, in other words, isn't a bug in the ideal R candidate. It's a feature.


  1. Stop the presses Sid!!,
    Your Right, just like a stopped clock..
    I admit.
    Rick Perry's an Idiot.
    And I don't mean like the "Idiot" who drives 55 in the left lane.
    I mean like dropped-on-head/anoxia/Mommy-didn't plug in the Billy-lights idiot.
    and I'll present the evidence Serry-atum(that's Latin for "in order"

    1: In-State-Tuition for Illegals??!! How are they gonna cut my lawn and go to College??
    It was pulling teeth to get In-State tuition for MY kid, and I friggin live here...

    2: He was "Offended" that Milf-chelle Bachman said he took a $5,000 bribe?. First of all, Real Men don't get "Offended", they punch the dude in the Mouth.
    Unless it's a chick, then you Pimp-Slap her.
    OK, it was on TV, he could have at least flipped her off when the camera wasn't on him.
    3: he acted like %5,000 was beneath him,
    Heck, I don't make my $500,000+ income all at once, it comes in dribs and drabs, $200 here, $100 there, that 50 cents I found in the dirty scrubs hamper...

    so Perry's out like an old fashioned incandescent light bulb.
    and I can't vote for Bachman, don't like her Monetary Policy, gay husband, and I'm just not comfortable with a President who's in my Spank Bank...

    Herman Cain's lookin better...
    telegenic, sentence-fragment-economic policy, and he's Blacker than the President.
    Alot Blacker.
    Thats important to the Blacks, and even if he only gets 1% of the Black Vote thats like a 100 times more than Mitt Romney would get.
    He's not black.


  2. If I heard a Democratic candidate caught out on a lie about a Republican opponent, who said, "Yes, I was wrong, but I erred on the side that Republicans lie reflexively. I will always err on the side that Republicans lie whenever it suits them, as governor, and President of the United States." I would move to the US and commit voter fraud to vote for them.


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