Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Country Second (At Best)

To the surprise of no one, Republicans have made it clear they'll not support Obama's jobs bill. Even less surprisingly, they've also made it clear why:

“Obama is on the ropes; why do we appear ready to hand him a win?” said one senior House Republican aide who requested anonymity to discuss the matter freely.
Why, indeed?

Oh, only to help those in need; to repair the damage done by their party over the previous eight years; to get America, the country the love for which they claim exclusive ownership, back on its feet; to care more about country than party; to do what democracy requires of you; to be better than that.

Yeah, right. Helping the economy to recover, in their eyes, means helping Obama. And the last thing they want to do is help Obama. Our country? Fuck it. And fuck you for even thinking about it. If anyone can look at the current Republican party and see anything but naked self-interest and total absence of caring about the needs of the average person, that person is blind or delusional. Or, as others have suggested, the brainwashed victim of a cult, a religious cult, passing as a political party.

These are truly awful people.


  1. C'mon Sid, its not like the Democrats gave "W" everything he asked for, I mean, did they support the Iraq War? Tax Cuts? the "Patriot" act?!?!?!?!
    Oh yeah, they did, bad example.

    OK I know this is theoretical, as in
    "If the President had a pair, he could(insert theoretical action here)"
    OK, all those Bridges, Roads, Schools that are falling down and need to be repaired...
    and Sidebar, whats with the rest of the Country? I live in like the 48/50th ranked state in SAT scores and most of the Bridges/Roads/Schools here are just fine. anyway,
    Fuck the Congress, just call it a "National Defense Matter", cause umm, lets see, we need schools to educate future soldiers, roads and bridges to move military convoys etc etc.
    and if Congress wont act, just call up Secretary Geitner, say
    "Hey Tommy, print up a few hundred Billion, make it 10's and 20's"
    and (If he had a pair) just pay everybody under the table, Chicago style...
    and in your old photos you look amazing like a young James Arness..
    I've been told I resemble a Gunsmoke character also...
    too bad its "Festus"


  2. Dr. Schwab,
    The sad thing is that the very people for whom this bill would help are also likely to vote for the GOP.
    I fear that Perry will win the next election, and the dystopian future of Orwell will be realized, albeit 18 years late.

    El Oso


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