Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This is one fabulous lady.

By contrast, these are the guys representing the other way of behaving.

And when you're done digesting the fact that teabaggRs are demanding that the Fed refrain from further helping the economy so they can win in 2012, read about this from their favorite candidate, and behold the stunning stupid.


  1. great comments delivered in a refreshing perspective-fact based!...
    I think she can be more of a change agent outside of the Senate rather than in it. Once inside, like it or not, I believe she would be a long time in rising to a leadership position where she could potentially get some things done. That waiting period would be frustrating for her as she watched prudent public policy be subordinated to prudent politics by the Master sausage makers who prefer compliance rather than questions.

    Dr. Linda Halderman a Trauma Surgeon and freshman member of the Ca Assembly recently had a great comment about the California political process " I never thought I would be in a profession bloodier than trauma surgery".

  2. Here's another impressive video, Tom, in which she addresses your concern, among other things.

  3. Your Abso-to-lutely right Sid...
    and thanks for a video that fits my short know
    and lets get rid of that Wasteful-Budget-Busting-Subsidized-Medications-For-Rich-Old-Bastards...Medicare Part D...
    and howcome theres no Medicare Part "C"?? at least I've never heard of it.
    I mean why am I payin for my Old Man's Cialis?? He can get his Cialis like I do..
    grabbing those free samples...



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