Friday, September 30, 2011


He likes to shoot guns and do that sexually ambivalent jogging thing, has the undoggiest of dogs? Not a problem.

My concern when watching the above is, what's his definition of "patriot"? I'm pretty sure that, despite a lifetime of hard work, dedication to my patients, paying my taxes without shelters, serving in Vietnam, voting, supporting gay rights and all civil rights, understanding science, agreeing that the earth is billions of years old and is warming at a frightening pace due to human activity, being skeptical about all religions and believing that separation of church and state means exactly that, contributing money to liberal politicians and causes, respecting my neighbors and not parking in their driveways or playing loud music, keeping my lawn mowed, feeding stray cats, writing letters to the editor, criticizing the invasion of Iraq, complaining about most politicians and both political parties, being both glad and frustrated at living in the US, believing in the value of education and the rights of all to obtain it free from religious indoctrination.... it doesn't include me.

It does, however, remind me how much I dislike the word, seeing how it's been used, of late, by such luminaries as Perry and Palin and Bachmann and generally any and all of the RWS™ to carve a line in the flesh of our country. Gimme a definition, okay, and maybe I'll change my mind.


  1. Perry's Out like yesterdays Cat litter...
    and did you know Ferrets and Cats won't use the same litter box?? its like the Middle East Conflict except niether smell as bad as A-rabs...
    "Sexually Ambivalent"?? Clint Eastwood jogged in "Sudden Impact" "W" jogged, Jimmuh Cartuh jogged(when he wasn't shooting Cats*)
    You know who didn' jog??
    Freddy Mercury, wait you won't know who he was..
    Rock Hudson never jogged, look it up.
    Anyway, Perry's deleted, like that Porno I ordered by mistake instead of that BBC documentary...
    Herbert Cain's da Man, tells it like it is bout the Muslims, authentic Negro Dialect, and even if he only gets 2% of the Afro-American vote, thats like 50 times what McCain got...


    *Google "Jimmy Carter shoots Cat"

  2. Sid:

    A bit long, but worth the read.

    "If the candidate of patriotism endeavours to infuse right opinions into the higher ranks, and, by their influence, to regulate the lower; if he consorts chiefly with the wise, the temperate, the regular, and the virtuous, his love of the people may be rational and honest. But if his first or principal application be to the indigent, who are always inflammable; to the weak, who are naturally suspicious; to the ignorant, who are easily misled; and to the prfligate, who have no hope but from mischief and confusion; let his love of the people be no longer boasted. No man can reasonably be thought a lover of his country, for roasting an ox, or burning a boot, or attending the meeting at Mile-end, or registering his name in the lumber troop. He may, among the drunkards, be a hearty fellow, and, among sober handicraftmen, a free-spoken gentleman; but he must have some better distinction, before he is a patriot."

    Samuel Johnson



  3. Sid:

    Johnson also said that "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

    I'm not all that comfortable with anyone on either side who loudly proclaims his own "patriotism" to one and all nor to anyone who tries to designate who among us are true patriots. In the vernacular of the 1960's, "it's a real turn off." Too, the speaker is usually trying to blind us with BS...and there's already enough of that going around to fertilize the Sahara.



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