Monday, September 19, 2011


Protecting their wealthy donors (and themselves) with the ferocity of a, well, mamma grizzly, Rs are playing the "class warfare" card like Jonathan Duhamel (no, I couldn't care less about poker; but I've never minded mixing a metaphor or two). Having written about their use of language recently, I kind of like Obama's response to the charge: it's not class warfare. It's math.

Which it is.

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  1. and the math would have been even better when he had DemoKKKrat majorities in the House & Senate...
    You remember, from January 20th 2009 until January 2011...
    Seriously, Sid, your in Hi-wa-yerr, and your BLOGGING?!?!?
    Why not save the time and just get a "L" tatooed on your forehead....



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