Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Panel Of Experts

So I'm sitting in the surgery lounge waiting for a case to start and I'm being forced to listen (because it's on really loud and people are paying attention) to CNN. A passel of panelized pundits is pontificating profoundly, proudly presenting pernicious, packaged pap on the presumption that proclamations from persons of their primacy among propagandists prouduce perspicatious perceptions about plagarism. Piffle.

They're talking about the shocking revelation by Mrs Trump's speech writer that she (Ms Trump) admires Michelle Obama and how that could affect the campaign which is, of course, based pretty much entirely on hatred of the Obamas and Hillary. Not of their policies as much as the humans themselves. Just blind all-encompassing hate of them and their families. So, horror of horrors, how can it be that someone on that side might find reason to admire one on the other?

Well, say those wise souls of the teevee, whatever else might be true, it certainly deserves plenty of air time; otherwise we might have to discuss the implications of Trump's so-called policies, or the fact that the convention went wild when Chris "I'll kiss his ass and lick it too, if that's what it takes to make me AG" Christie held a faux trial of Hillary, asking the audience if she was guilty or innocent of, among other things, the murders by Boko Harum. "Guilty!!" they shouted, followed by "Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up."

What awful people. What awful times. How absolutely dispiriting that a panel of "experts" considers it noteworthy that Melania Trump might actually admire Michelle Obama. Which is not to say it's not noteworthy: among such people gathered in Cleveland, anything but vitriol and formless hate for all on the other side is tantamount to treason.

(Twenty minutes later, and they're still talking about it. Media. What do they think their job is, anyway? Oh, we are SO thoroughly, totally, irretrievably fucked.)

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Timmyson said...

Nicely done, sir!

Sidney Schwab said...

Hey, Timmyson! Nice to hear from you again!

Dr Strangelove said...

Everyone seems to be fiddling time away. Perhaps it's an unconscious acknowledgement that Rome is burning.

You are the alliteration champ!

Smoothtooperate said...

We need Nazi style fascism to fight Sharia and preserve a Christians right to not pay taxes. Duh!

Obama is a radical Islamic Terrorist! AKA: 'Muslim'. We must kill them and their families to stop them. Double DUH!

Heyyyyy...Wait a cotton pickin' minute! We may be on to something! Are you, we, us feeling the magic in the room? Aren't we feeling that magic? *chants* "Kill their family, then lock em up!" That's what Donald J. Trump brings to the ticket...Magic. Donald J. Trump could gun down someone on 5th Ave. and still lead in the polls. What Donald J. Trump didn't tell them is that Donald J. Trump also performs miracles and speaks in tongues. Donald J. Trump would simply resurrect him and gain 5 points in the polls. Donald J. Trump don't need Texas either. Donald J. Trump is a man of the people. Unity, unity, love...So much love. Is anyone tired of winning yet?...


A high ranking Ted Cruz mole who sat in and recorded the meeting.

Just my opinion personally. Trump is one dangerous MF'er. I am serious about that. I am not talking about bankrupting America. I am talking violence the likes of which America and the world has never seen before. Trump won't come to the side of NATO countries unless they pay for it at a price yet to be determined. What if China and Russia paid us for our protection? Sell our protection to the highest bidder?

Wanna spread fear world wide? Allow Putin to sell nuclear hardware, fuel and software to N. Korea.

Kick the doors in to civilian homes to deport/slaughter Mexicans, Blacks, Whites who support blacks. N. Koreans, Jews, Natives, Atheists...The Chinese especially. France will be known as "Crater National Park" some day (when we conquer France). Bomb a hole through Greece and sink it to the bottom of the sea, problem solved on that...and a year ahead of schedule and under budget of course. It's the Trump way. Thinking out of the box. America's first, after Trump.

Who needs drones to monitor Donald J. Trumps' (our commander in chief) war strategy? CNN, Facebook and Twitter is 10X better than the CIA. We really don't need the CIA. We do a better job and save trillions in future costs eliminating whole federal and state department agencies that are not necessary such as the DSHS, EPA, DOE. ect. are job killers. TADA! Balanced budget!

I can't wait to be great again!

Sincerely, Donald J. Trump...Unless I, Donald J. Trump, finds out it's an intern.

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