Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Incorrigibly Incorrigible

Compare and contrast:

For going on eight years, a favorite (and typically hypocritical) right-wing knock on President Obama is that he uses teleprompters, signifying something-something-something. Something serious, that I can tell you.

And now, when Donald Trump has started stumbling his way through words written for him and projected on a teleprompter, Guess what: it's a sign that he's presidential.

How about this: which would you find to be deserving of at least one congressional investigation, a presidential candidate who used a private email server, or one who allegedly raped a teenager? Or, if not an investigation, how about mentions on "news" channels?

What a load of b.s. are the RWS™ and their true believers.

[And this just in: no charges agains Hillary over the emails. Shall we predict whether CongressRs and their Fox "news" shills will decide it's time to move on?]

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