Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Not Photoshopped

Laura Ingraham, charter member of the RWS™, at the RNC tonight.

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  1. Nobody waves hello, or goodbye, that way; if she ,or anybody, was waving to a friend (drumpf, in her case) their hand would have been elevated at an angle above the line of her arm.

    Anybody, raised in America would have instantly known, even in childhood, the meaning of the gesture she made; and anyone seeing it would have asked "Why the Nazi salute" (if they didn't just return it).

    Even though she quickly turned the gesture into a smiling wave, as she turned to the crowd, the look on her face, as she began the Sieg Heil salute, left no doubt that she was pledging herself, body and soul to her fuhrer. Check out the faces at 30's brown shirt rallies if you doubt what I say.

    Certainly our home grown Nazis immediately recognized what she had done, and were jubilant about it.

    It was no mistake, it was a planed and practiced move, a deliberate pledge to drumpf and a dog whistle to his fascist followers.



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