Saturday, July 16, 2016

Truth Vs Idiocy

This is the reason it's easy, despite the email b.s. and all the rest, to support Hillary Clinton. This was spontaneous, spoken without notes. Thoughtful, precise, on point, and, of course, entirely right.

That it happens to be in response to a smirking, and then abashed Mike Pence, who didn't see what was about to happen, only makes it more clear who belongs where in 2017.

Pence, by the way, who denies a connection between tobacco and lung cancer, humans and climate change, evolution, has the expected evangelical disgust for LBGT people, couldn't have been a better pick for Trump. To those still swayed by the constant cynical attacks on Hillary, convinced she's evil incarnate: consider the person in this video in the context of what the other side stands for.

How much more obvious can it get?

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