Monday, July 25, 2016

Just Asking

Non-rhetorical question. Which is more worrisome and unprecedented: that the DNC considered tilting the scales to one candidate over another (and, for that matter, that the RNC did the same against its final candidate), or that Vladimir Putin actually did it for Donald Trump?

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Paul Wartenberg said...

But... but... that bird on Bernie's podium told us he was the CHOSEN ONE...


Obviously, it's B) Having a dictator like Putin mess with our election to get a dictator wannabe like Trump shoved into our White House. But you'll never be able to tell that to the die-hard Republicans AND the die-hard BernieBros (who are now boo-ing their Savior because he's playing the Politician Game like everyone else in office does, can you imagine that...?).

Sidney Schwab said...

Plus he realizes, even if his supporters don't, that with Hillary in the White House and (we can hope!) with a Democrat-majority Senate, he'll be able to introduce progressive legislation that has an excellent chance of becoming law; especially with the ongoing support of his people (and, of course, whoever sent the bird.)

Smoothtooperate said...

Bernie got 90% - 95% of his issues into the platform. I believe Elijah Cummings when he said that today.

The "Bernie or Bust" crowd is mostly made of kids who are voting for the first time. They don't understand that they moved the party to the left. New Deal type left. They don't understand that they will live to fight another day. They don't understand how far and how fast this country has swung left. The old timers know because they have experience.

I saw alot of tears from these kids who fought their heart out and feel as though they got nothing because Hillary cheated. I think those are tears of frustration. Their lives have been nothing but wars and a dysfunctional government. The kids are being exploited and knew that Bernie was their warrior who would never betray them.

You telling me that a "Bernie or Bust" voter wouldn't vote for Bill de Blasio?

Here's what I do know. These kids are going to start running for office. School board, Mayor, etc. 10 years from now this country will look completely different. We are going to be OK and the Bernie folks are going to vote to keep Trump out. Hillary is the next POTUS. We'll be fine.

I got some bad news though. Even if Hillary got 2 terms in a liberal govt., the CO. River will still run dry. CA. will still sink because of the underground aquifers being exploited by corporations greed.

The "Bernie or Bust" kids will grow and learn. I always say this "The kids won't let us down."

Sidney Schwab said...

Either that, or they'll check out. I surely hope you're right, Smoove.

dan said...

Now that Trump is tripling down " oh o was just kidding"
He clearly has no idea that even if that's true ( which I really doubt) some things are not funny.
Particularly when it involves Putin. Jesus that guy looks like he just strangled Stalin for being too soft.
Hope Republicans are happy with pro Soviet Donald.

Smoothtooperate said...

Take it to the bank brother. Trump has no chance of winning and Hillary has no chance of losing.

The indie vote changes nothing. Hillary still wins by a comfortable margin.

Why else would the legitimate destruction of the conservative gravy be happening in front of the worlds eyes literally 24/7? Reminds me of the "Tear down this wall" and Glasnost era Russia type moments, just swap Conservatives with Russia.

It's not only the SCOTUS nominations. It will be felt all the way down the ballet. The voter ID laws are found unconstitutional. Trump has done more, and continues to do more for the Liberals than any Left wing surrogate could.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold" is a Star Trek reference...The irony. Khan made one of the most iconic speeches ever given at any convention. Trump is a small plebe in the Khans' cosmic universe. Thank Trump for the destruction of the

Drumpf meets Khanzilla. (I like watching it at X2 speed...Way more funny.

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