Sunday, September 11, 2016

They Report, You Decide

1) Hillary Clinton has an illness and shouldn't be president.

2) Despite having pneumonia and being advised to rest, Hillary Clinton went to a 9/11 memorial event because it's that important to her.

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  1. I have been there. Standing nearly an hour in the hot socal sun for general inspection. I held it together just long enough to be inspected then blacked out. I was ghost white they said. They knew I was gonna flop and caught me.

    She almost didn't make it to the car.

  2. Just remember, Trump is 2 years older than Hillary and thus more prone to serious illness, disease, heart failure, stroke, etc.

    Also remember, Presidents DO take sick days. How many times did Reagan go in for surgeries or check-ups that required VP Bush to serving "acting President" duties?

    Also also remember, pneumonia is a serious thing. I suffered from it years ago. If anybody wants to make light of it, I'm gonna punch their teeth in. /rage


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