Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Build The Fking Thing

I'm ready to give him his damn wall. For one thing, it'd be entertaining to see how his diehards react to the cost overruns and delays, the government takeovers of their border property, the fact that it won't be a "big, beautiful" impenetrable wall. The gaps. The failures to control drugs coming in. And, of course, the realization that their taxes will be paying for it, not Mexico.

Even considering the wasted money, if that's what it takes to get continuation of DACA, funding of community health centers, and -- a person can hope -- a return to sanity regarding alternative energy, among so many other things, it'd be worth it.

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  1. I think the wall makes them fat, dumb and happy. I've heard many time from many Drump idiots "I know Mexico was never going to pay for the wall."

    To them, the wall is lashing out. They have nowhere to vent, other than to eachother (see 'fuel).

    These people want to build and Army of cops to deport 11 million (idiots say 20-30- million). The wall is pennies on the dollar. Drumpf calls that plan 'creating jobs and trust me, these unemployed Drumpf voters will never get a cop job, or wall building job. Drumpf will toot "JOBS I CREATED BY STICKING IT TO CHINA!"

    I mean these dumb fuckers think our military is on it's last breath and needs billions more to 'protect 'merca from ISIS and Boko Haram and to prevent Sharia law from taking over our Christian nation!"...and the wave of Keyan and Mexican illegal intruders/threat to 'merca."

    If that's not bad enough? Destroy government because Drumpf is innocent and kill all the reporters so nobody hears about it.

    End result is less freedom and explode the debt...and they don't care as long as cops are kicking babies over the southern border wall. The wall building company who gets the bid will be the ones who incorporate goal posts.

    Take note, the inbred girl who says they are the only 'mericans that matter. 3:17


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