Monday, January 8, 2018

Come To Think Of It...

Here's a good point, from a former US Attorney:
“The thing is, with Steve Bannon, we keep forgetting he was on the national security council,” said Moore. “And then to come out and say, ‘I don’t really know him, he’s Sloppy Steve’ or whatever, he was their pick to be on the national security council. He helped run the campaign.
Yep, just some guy we gave a top security clearance to, and put on the Security Council. No idea who the fk he is.

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  1. I can assure everyone...

    Lying, especially in court and politics is a winning strategy. Pouring money on the issue is a winning formula. Judges, lawyers and any other entity in a government type capacity is biased in similar ways. "It's just human nature" is true, but doesn't comfort you when your life is ruined by some blood thirsty rival. Some money hungry thief bury you in blizzard, one litigation after another.

    Getting served 5 days before Christmas ruins Christmas. Serve them paperwork on their birthday. Cops come to your work to "ask a few questions" can ruin your life.

    Before you tell yourself "Nobody is going to believe that", remember what I said here. Remember Drumpf is the POTUS.

    The wealth disparity, lack of regulations and a sense of entitlement is what will bring down 'merca. Nobody can do that but us. You and me...Not the Russians or ISIS or anyone one on this planet. Nopers, it will be our own fault for America's demise and nobody else.

    How easy is it? Very easy if you are the rich and powerful. Impossible if you are not. "Pay to play" is a thing and a very common thing at that. "Everyone has a price" is really really really close to the truth. If you don't take the bribe outright? They will blackmail you. That's usually enough for anyone to flop on their back with their legs in the air. I got no price, I got nothing to lose. I couldn't be bought and that's scary to the rich and powerful. They are used to people rolling over for them. They are used to throwing money at their agenda as opposed to actually doing a single bit of work themselves. They know that the judge is bought off. "Unfounded" becomes a guilty plea and good luck appealing the decision. Only the wealthy can afford the cost of defense AND appeal. The poor just take it in the ass and make private prisons profit handsomely.


  2. Teachers pay based on student performance? An instant criminal ring is constructed out of teachers and the district big wigs. Test takers and test graders. All of these people we revere and hold up high as the best of America turn criminal conspirator the minute the law is passed. Fuck the kids and their education. They no longer have to try to educate at all because the outcome is favorable to them win, lose or draw. A fair trial is only for those that the judge thinks can fight back. Everyone else is bought and sold on one level or another. Judges are more than happy to fill up the jails with black folks busted for pot. Jail for a decade because they have crack. But the hedge fund manager gets 30 days in jail for powdered cocaine. If they even get that far. Chances are it will be overlooked by law enforcement because they can just as easily be targeted individuals. Because they know how people can ruin a person's life and drive them to violence, suicide or both for simply a cop showing up at someones work to "ask a few questions."

    For cops showing up at somebody's place to live 2-3 times, then patrol the living shit out of the person you want to destroy. Ask his neighbors to keep an eye out for this "Dangerously disturbed person" has a name. "Community Policing". Even if they move far away, that kind of harassment follows them. Take it to court and the cops are righteous and at the very least your case is dismissed. The cops can do it legally and if they need to break the law, they will certainly do that and the cops that are decent turn a blind eye. Imagine if the good cop tattled on the crooked cops and judges etc. I bet it would make #Me too seem like Romper Room. Yet we never hear much about corruption, therefore, it must not be the problem, it's the "crazy convicted/accused criminal" that's full of shit. Nazi Germany "community policing" was a rule, ruled by an iron fist. N. Korea is like that today. Your neighbor will turn you in for complaining your hungry and that the N. Korean missle program is where your food is. Iraq as well.

    Don't believe me? Here's how it's done. An assassination is the easy way out. The worst is having your life ruined and living everyday with a scarlet letter. Harrassed by the people who are supposed to uphold the law. "Conspiracy" is a kin to "he's crazy". Nobody ever thinks "Hey, maybe he's right, I'll look into that."

    A better question is this. "Why are we so docile?"


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