Saturday, September 8, 2012

Doesn't Seem Like Parody To Me...

[Probably calling it that to avoid getting in trouble with the miserables...]


Provvidenti said...

I loved your cutting remarks blog. I loved your book. I sent so many people to read cutting remarks and to buy your book.

When I noticed you had started a new blog I could hardly contain my excitement as I clicked the link to bring up the entries.

What indescribable disappointment came over me to see this new blog is nothing but political ranting. Especially at a time when one can turn on the television and get the same exact thing on every other channel.

Cutting remarks was such clever, interesting reading. Political ranting should be treated like religion. It should be a personal choice practiced quietly and not thrown in the faces of others.

Sid Schwab said...

Well, see, the thing is that it's not throwing it in the faces of others when it requires you click on it to see it. All you have to do is not.

Maybe if Rs weren't trying so hard to make religion into politics, I wouldn't feel the need to rant.

And there's this: whereas I agree entirely that religion ought to be private, politics, by its very definition, is public. Needs to be. More people need to be involved, and to be able to recognize and point out bullshit. God knows the press has given up on doing it. Right?

But we agree on personal choice.

Timmyson said...

I disagree with Provvidenti. I think your political rants are some of the best out there: thoroughy cited and conscientiously motivated. Additionally you turn up gems like this video: clever, stirring, and imaginitively executed.

Don't stop.

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