Monday, September 10, 2012

Here They Come

Conventions over, my least favorite time of any year now begins: Inundation by political commercials, non-stop, both sides, races up and down the ticket. If I couldn't push a mute button I'd have to pull a trigger.

In this, I'm highly non-partisan: I can't stand any of them. It goes without saying that Romney's, of course, are several rungs below the rest, because he's made it clear he'll never stop lying about Obama, nor provide any real information about his own plans. But after a while, they all meld into one exasperating and indistinguishable morass of claims, counter-claims, shrieks and threats. Adding to the depressing displays, in my state there'll be the need to witness the soulless and inhuman pronouncements of how same-sex marriage threatens us all, how denying fellow human beings their rights is the Christian thing to do; how love is a commodity to be doled out by referendum. I absolutely hate it.

If it weren't for my addictive need to watch Grimm, The Mentalist, and Castle (I've never called myself highbrow), along with the occasional Masterpiece, The Daily Show, and, naturally, sports of all sorts, I'd put my TVs in storage for the next two months.


  1. C'mon Sid,
    its just Me, Frank, you can be honest...
    or is the absence of "Murder She Wrote" from your list only because you've seen every episode 20 times?
    You know, like me with "Gilligan's Island".
    and get someone younger, you know, like 65 or 66 to teach you how to use your DVR, I haven't watched a commercial since 2003(except fot those Progressive Commercials with "Flo")
    I'm more of a comedy man myself, 3 Stooges, Abbot & Costello, Seattle Mariners baseball...


  2. You'll know who the Republicans are as they go into the voting booth. They'll be the ones holding their noses.

    CSM - just South of the middle of nowhere.


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