Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Here's another thing that amazes me about The Rominee and his teabagging followers (and believe me, I have a queue of so many posts lined up about his mendacious and cynical awfulness that I'll never get around to publishing half of them): they're fine with the leader of another country brazenly trying to influence our elections and to push us into war. And whereas it's hardly the only example of foreign leaders doing so (Ahmadinejad comes to mind), it's the first time I know of where a candidate is not only cool with it, but uses it as a political tool.

While talking about Obama's weak foreign policy (you know, the one that's killed more terrorists than Bush, that did to Osama what Mitt said he'd not do, that has improved international trade, that is helping Europe to recover, orchestrated international cooperation ... ... ...) he literally has told Benyamin Netanyahu that he'll do whatever he says, promises to ask "how high" when Bibi demands he jump.

Of all people, you'd think the America-Fuck-Yeah types, who see conspiracies whenever they look toward that white house with the black family in it, would be outraged. You'd think real conservatives would recoil in horror at the behavior both of Mitt "I'm-In-Over-My-Head"* Romney and the prime minister of Israel: a foreign government overtly trying to influence our policy, and a potential president saying yessir, boss.

If I were Barack Obama, I'd start by reiterating America's firm support for Israel (whose president has said it's never been more clear than under Obama), by listing the ways (yes, I know it's the same link) in which our actions demonstrate it, and then say "Mr Netanyahu (he should pronounce it the way Israelis do -- Net-an-YOW): with all due respect, sir, butt the fuck out."
*Not every president comes into office with vast foreign policy experience. G.W. Bush had zero. Barack Obama (despite Paul Ryan's claim that he had more because he's taken a couple of trips and cast a couple of votes, shook some hands), by virtue of being on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, had some. But whereas it's conceivable that Romney could gain the experience, and, before he gets there, surround himself with seasoned hands to guide him, he's already shown an astounding lack of ability to recognize good advice when he sees it, to separate it from bad advice, or to look at any decision in any way other than "what's in it for me." That's the problem (one of many) with Romney: not that he's inexperienced per se, but that he has no tools for making the right calls.


  1. Well, I certainly hope "Netan-yow"(Be Careful what you wish for, EICOTUS's real name probably has a bunch of whistles, pops, and clicks)doesn't attack Irans Nuclear facilities.
    It would be short sighted, war mongering, and worst of all..
    I'd stick to the major population areas, Terror-Ann,
    umm OK, thats the only one I know.
    Kill the head, and the body will follow, Moe-Hammed Ali said that...
    And you know if Netan-Yow wanted Amanidejad dead he'd already be sleeping with the Fishes...


  2. Ummm,
    OK, maybe I do need to check that scavenging system..
    Or get with your Namenda dealer...
    Cause ofcourse that quote was from "Smokin" Joe Frazier, ABOUT Moe-hammed Ali (who had THE coolest name of all times, "Cassius" Clay



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