Friday, September 28, 2012

Lucidity In This Guy

Why, seems like just yesterday that I wrote about the dumbness of Mitt. And now, as usual, we can enjoy Jon Stewart doing it much better (for reasons unknown, he omitted the airplane windows thingy. Too easy, I guess).


  1. Umm Sid, glad to see you're(!)staying all hip, what with the Comedy Central, but something tells me you're(!)not a "Southpark" fan(but hey, I was wrong about the Michael Jackson thang, so prove I'm an A-Hole)
    But John Stewarts WORKING OFF A SCRIPT!, you know, that white sheet of paper in front of him.
    But You're right, Romeny IS an Idiot, I mean just the other day he said something about Asthmatic kids needing Breathalyzers.
    I mean "Inhalators"...

    Frank "No Script" Drackman

  2. South Park is among my favorites, mmm-kay? In fact, I should probably start referring to you as Mr Hankey instead of Mr Frankey.

  3. I am amused by today's Krauthammer editorial suggesting that the Mittster would be ahead in the polls if he were only more stridently conservative on the economy and more aggressively militant on the Middle East. Sid foretold this--if the Rominnee loses, the conventional Republican wisdom will be that he lost because he wasn't Republican enough...They'll be searching for an even more extreme candidate next time around.
    Mark V

  4. umm OK, I'm an A-hole(what else is new?)
    only thing I don't like about South Park, is it's too deep, too many hidden meanings, allegories, references to current events...
    If I want to laugh at political jokes I'll just watch a Joe Biden speech...
    Now if you liked "Beavis & Butthead" I'll walk around the hospital wearing one of those Tie-dried "Forward" EICOTUS shirts.
    and NOT with a telescopic site drawn over it...

    Frank "Uhh...." Drackman

    Sid, my Man, you might be a Left-Coast stuffy Sturgeon, but anyone who likes B&B is OK in my book.
    (I used to actually carry a little notebook where I kept my "Shit List")
    Seriously, if Ahm-gonna-need-a-job(I just made that up)showed up at the UN wearing a "Winger" T-shirt I'd overlook his anti-semitism and plans for nuclear destruction...
    I still think Romeny's gonna pull a Harry Truman....
    (Retire bitter & defeated and not be appreciated till years after his death)



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