Saturday, September 8, 2012

One Ship, Passing In The Day

I see stuff like this all the time; and I have no idea who Westfal or Larsen are. But this boat was pretty striking. Big one. Made me feel like taking a picture, for unknown reasons.


  1. Sid,
    thanks to my Ass-Burgers, I can spit this out like Monica did with Slick Willie's (REDACTED)
    "Westfal-Larsen is a shipping conglomerate owning 24 open hatch ships and 5 chemical tankers based in Bergen Norway. The company was founded by Hans Westfal-Larsen in 1905. Westfall-Larsen provides Marine transportation services as ship owners, technical and commercial managers, within the segments of Chemical And Product Tankers, and open hatch dry cargo vessels. The Westfall-Larsen group is also involved in real estate, trade, technology, and venture capital products*"
    Basically, they're taking trees from British Columbia to be turned into cheap furniture by 12 year olds in a Nanjing sweat shop
    Then bringing them back to be sold in a Seattle Walmart(ever shop at one?)

    OK, I got this from Wikipedia/Westfall Larsen website, but I changed a few words so its not Plagearizing


    *Like the "Madrigal" comany in "Breaking Bad"

  2. Hi Sid. Super photo... thanks. Here's some information on the company. Please copy and paste this:

  3. I saw this one too, Sid. Very striking paint job, I must say. An entertaining sight.
    Mark V

  4. Actually, lady and gentleman, I often look up the info on ships that pass by. There are sites that give specific info about any ship, including size, mission, when and where built, and where it is at any time.

    As I wrote that line about not knowing who the guys were, I wondered if anyone would comment on it. Sneaky way to get comments, eh?

  5. You do like to show off your great view. You must be very wealthy. Congratulations. RB

  6. Excellent comment. I thought we're supposed to defer in everything to the wealthy.

    Here's the secret, though. Bought the house 30 years ago, when I had no money at all, just starting out here, but optimistic. Back then, it was affordable. Kept it painted, roofed, lawn mowed.

    And my occasional postings like this are meant to show that even as our country descends further and further into theocratic, heartless, and fact-free teabaggerism, I have much for which to be grateful, and to consider myself lucky.

  7. Mark V: are you the Mark V I know professionally?


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