Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Big Time

Since I'm sure my readers spend their time reading The Economist and The New York Times, they probably missed this. Fact is, I did, too, until another surgeon came up to me today while I was scrubbing for a case and mentioned she'd seen it.

I'm especially disappointed at the first quote of mine, which was just part of a story I was telling when the interviewer asked me about when something surprised me during an operation. It certainly doesn't belong in "things surgeons won't tell you." I gave her a lot better ones than that, including one I thought the most important of all:
"Judgment is more important than techinique. The body heals well enough that it can make up for it if your surgeon is a little less than graceful. But there's no amount of healing that can fix the wrong operation done at the wrong time."
See? That's better than any of them.

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