Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Memory Hole

Fox "
news." Reinforcing ignorance 24/7. Counting on ignorance. Treating its audience as ignorami, as business plan. It's the one thing, I'd say, about which they're always right.


  1. You're right that there are hardly any comments, Frank, but that doesn't make me desperate enough to post yours... which was fine until the last sentence.

    Meanwhile, viewership continues to rise, albeit not exactly meteorically. I guess not a lot of them feel the need to agree in writing; and the disagreers seem unwilling to receive pushback. Makes for a dull conversation, I agree. But I don't mind listening to myself talking.

  2. "fine until the last sentence"???
    the last sentence was the whole point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Personally, I'd like to see all corrupt Politicians blow their(!:) heads off...
    want something even more sickening and disgusting???
    The 2010 BCS CHAMPION AUBURN TIGERS first 2 games..
    Crimminey, losing to teams in both South Carolina, AND Mississippi...
    I might be takin that Kibbutz gig sooner than expected...
    THERE, does THAT meet your decency filters???



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