Monday, September 24, 2012

Building Success

Like most of what rattles around between my ears, I doubt this is an original thought. But it's instructive, I think, to note that in his speeches The Rominee defines success as "building a business." Borrow money from pater and mater to do it if you need to. But strive for it. Not to become a teacher, a cop, a soldier, or simply to have a steady and well-enough paying job to feed your family: build a business.

I mean, he did, and all those people at his "takers and makers" money bombs did, the people he's spent his life with, so why can't you? And if you don't, if you haven't, if you have different goals, well, go laze in your recliner over there among the rest of the 47% and don't bother the rest of us with your moochy whining.

Mitt Romney, gazillionaire by risking other people's money, straining his fingertips doing deals in an office (a very plush one, I presume), has no idea of how most people live, and it shows. It doesn't even occur to him that there's anyone out there but aspiring entrepreneurs whose goals are elevators for their cars; that government has responsibilities to people who might see and do things differently. Whose president would he be when he's that clueless? And why is it that the Democratic presidents who've approached his level of wealth -- FDR, JFK, LBJ (I think) -- actually did understand and empathize with -- what's the word? -- normal people?

[As usual, I write this stuff and while it sits in line someone comes out with a similar idea, stated better, before I get around to publishing. In this case, here's another take on it.]

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