Friday, May 8, 2009


The pictures don't do justice to the sunset as it reflected on the water last night, heading home from watching gray whales feed along the shoreline. Though the photos are from a boat, the view isn't much different from what we see from our house. I feel lucky to live where I do.

Pectoral fins and flukes pointing skyward like a thumbs-up to the chef, two large whales fed in water barely deeper than their bodies, rolling onto their sides, then back up, blowing impressive flumes of spray, the exhalations easily heard over the idling engines. As long as we've lived here -- twenty-seven years so far -- it's the first time we've gone on a whale-watching boat, and this was at the invitation of someone else. (Having lived in San Francisco for seven years, the only time we took the tour to Alcatraz was long after we left, returning with our son who wanted to go. A great tour: highly recommended. Get the headphones and audio-tape!)

Sometimes it's nice just to take a breath and look around.


  1. I was in San Francisco last October for the ACS meeting. Did the Alcatraz tour. An incredible experience. I can't wait for my son to be old enough to go.

    Lived about 30 miles from the Football Hall of Fame in Ohio and only visted it recently.

    Beautiful pictures and scenery, Sid. I'm jealous!

  2. I respect your opinion Sid, so watta ya think...

    Did Morris and the Anglin brothers make it to the Mainland in June 62'?? "Mythbusters" showed it was possible with the materials they had...and I can't imagine Clint Eastwood drowning. Thats whats so great about Gitmo...even if they escape it's a 600 mile swim to the US..


  3. No idea, Frank. But every year there's a swim to and/or from the Rock, so we know it's possible.

  4. I was in San Fran last May, and it was coooold. I enjoyed it alot though. I went to Yosemite, Monarey, carmel, basically the coast of the big Sur; it was beautiful. I enjoyed San Francisco alot, especially the large seals at that peir 39. I did take the tour of Alcatraz it was pretty cool.

  5. WAIT A MINUTE???!!!

    Shouldn't the water be goin down over the OCEAN, not the LAND???
    What is this, the final Scene of "The Green Berets"?????
    That's a SUNRISE, not a SUNDOWN...
    and You call yourself OCD...


  6. Here, Frank, this should help. I live in Mukilteo. The whales were near Langley. Like most other things with which you struggle, "ocean" is a complex concept.


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