Friday, May 1, 2009


When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Until now I'd thought the US had a corner on the self-destructive make-ourselves-stupid market. But darned if our neighbors to the north, whom I've always considered pretty civilized and practical, don't also have their share. In Alberta, anyway, where the weather's said to be good in the fall. Don't like science contradicting your religious beliefs in your public schools? Opt out. No sense having to think, or having your prejudices challenged. Extrapolate that!

Meanwhile, in an interesting temporal juxtaposition, a poll is released correlating attitudes toward torture with religious belief. Among the categories, evangelicals of the regular church-going variety were the most in favor of its use. Posted without comment.


  1. Hello Sid,

    I posted a link to your website on Twitter. Perhaps you'll get a couple of new commenters. I sincerely hope so.

    Text and link reads:

    radio_lady: Retired Surgeon/political blogger said he is not going to kiss any pigs! #H1N1 #Ellen K. in OR

    Warm regards,


  2. Sid:

    There's a better version done by Bobby Bare on YouTube. Enjoy.


  3. Larry: here's even a better one, by Ian and Sylvia (Ian Tyson being the writer of the song), along with Judy Collins, Emmylou Harris, Gordon Lightfoot..

    I used Neil Young because it started with the Alberta reference. Not the best version, for sure.

  4. Beautiful song! My first husband and I followed the folk/country singers of our day while living in NYC, but have never heard this Canadian couple sing songs before.

    Thanks for posting! Delightful things one misses along the way of life.


    EK on a rainy Saturday


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