Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm remiss. Here it is the National Day of Prayer, and I've made no mention. Apologies.

But I must admit I'm puzzled. What, exactly, is the point? I'd assume people who pray don't need reminding, and would likely be doing it anyway. People who don't pray regularly but put their nickel in today -- what's up with that? For how much do those prayers count? Three-fifths? And, mainly, this: assuming we get some sort of bolus of prayer headed to where-ever it's supposed to be aimed, does it wake someone up? A godly, "Whoa, what was that? I better get to work!!" Is there some sort of quota, a surfeit of supplication, beyond which something will happen that would not have, otherwise? Will the Republicans suddenly become helpful? Will the budget magically balance? If so, I'm there!

Rather than getting all thumpy like his predecessor, President Obama has indicated he'll do his praying privately. Naturally, this is shocking to the religious right, to whom public parading of one's religion is like driving. With a bumper sticker. For what is religion, after all, if not a way of lording (yes, yes) it over everyone? This private stuff -- you know, the idea that one's religion is between one and one's god, humble, personal... biblical, you might say --where's the glory in that? What good is prayer if you can't hit someone over the head with it, or at least do it in a cosmic lookee here? Heck, next some America-hater will be talking about separating church and state.


  1. That's okay. You also forgot to say "happy cinco de cuatro" from the genius president.

    Wow--he's bilingual!

  2. Cool, a puke in A Nony Mask! Or is that two pukes A Nony Masked?

    PukesRUs: The Anonymous Christian Coalition

    Spoken like true disciples of the all loving, all merciful prince of peace. Not!

    Their Mouths full of God; their Hearts full of Satan!


  3. Nice ! You can mock someone's amount of love...and show your own love by calling them pukes!

    EugeneInSanDiego is a genius!

    And the word "nigger" is used a lot on this blog. Very, very nice bunch of people here.

    Happy Cinco de Cuatro everybody. EugeneInSanDiego must know how smart that is!

  4. Eugene, it was a joke. Quoted directly from the AP report...

    "Welcome to Cinco de Cuatro — Cinco de Mayo at the White House," said Obama, in what appeared to be an attempt to note they were celebrating on the fourth of May instead of the fifth.

    Clearly you are like the other ditto-head republo-bots who hear a quip of something on Rush or Hannity, and then go running off at the mouth. My wife is just like you people. She listens to 45 minutes of conservative radio on the way home from work, and comes home with the craziest stories. "Obama won't put his hand on the bible." "Obama refuses to say the pledge of allegiance." "There is a tape of Michelle Obama that is going to come out just before the election where she calls white people the blue eyed devil."

    Then, I have to set her straight. Just like I'm setting you straight.

    The only idiots we've had in the White House since 1981 had the last name of Bush.


  5. You're right... I hate those santcimonious bastards who feel the need to pray in public ummm like that Dr Joseph Lowery who gave the benediciton at Hussein's innauguration... Or Congress...And what about those 2 faced hypocrites who wear little American Flags on their Lapels...???

  6. Correction, that post was directed at the comment from Anonymous, not Eugene. My bad.


  7. I don't know who's been talking about it and it doesn't matter. The president tried to speak Spanish--three words, no more--and muffed it completely. Clearly he has no idea which word means what, but figured he's a genius and shot his mouth. Teleprompter not working in Spanish?

    Maybe he meant "Cuatro de Mayo"? He's an idiot and doesn't know it. And will never admit it.

    He does want everybody to know that he's home praying, though. That's sweet. Maybe Rev Wright was there, too.

  8. A quick search of this blog reveals the person most happy to use the word nigger is Sam Spade. Hey--I get it! He's been sneaking it in every time he signs his "name"!

    Sam Spade's been laughing at everyone! Look how many times I can slip this past them!

    He's like a little kid with a new word!

  9. Okay, boys, that's it. There's a point where it all gets tiresome, and I'd be surprised if this adolescent vitriol doesn't turn away people who might have had something interesting or relevant. So I'm closing comments on this thread. I've never done it before.


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