Friday, May 1, 2009

Rhetorical Question

Or maybe I should make it some sort of office-pool equivalent:

When Obama's Supreme Court nomination goes forward, how many of the Republicans who demanded "up or down vote" for Bush's nominees will, this time around, opt for filibuster?
  1. Every damn one of them.
  2. Three quarters of them.
  3. Over half.
  4. Less than half.
  5. None. They're people of high principle.
There was a time, when the Democrats were in the minority in the Senate, when Bush was president, that Republicans screamed bloody murder every time the Ds threatened filibuster. Now that the tables are turned, the Rs have gone to it more often than at any time in history.

So mine is choice #2, but #1 wouldn't surprise me even a little.



  1. This is going to make Pawlenty's decision on whether to sign the election certificate for Franken all the more of a nailbiter. The conservative wing is going to put a great deal of pressure on him to hold off until after Obama names a successor and Judicial Committees are held so that they can get a filibuster.

    But no matter who Obama nominates, he or she is sure to be the "most leftist Supreme Court Justice EVAH! Stop the Madenssss! My Preciousssss!

  2. Interesting...the numbers show up on my RSS feed reader.

    Blogger is weird.

    I'm with you: choice #2 seems reasonable.

  3. I looked through your style sheets and html and I'm confused about why the flower is showing up for your ordered list bullets. The only place I see where this flower images is referenced is a CSS block embedded in the page itself.

    I'm not familiar with the Blogger software. Ultimately what you want to find is a reference to

    which is the source of the flower image, and delete that setting or change it to something else.

    My confusion is due to the fact that your pages refernces this image as a background image, which is not the role it is playing in your list.

    --Sam Spade

  4. Sam: thanks for your input. It sounds a bit beyond my current skill set. I'm proud of myself for having learned a little HTML code and a few keystroke shortcuts...

  5. I looked again and it's actually quite simple. In a nutshell, change the first line of this formatting instruction:

    li {


    ul li {

    In more detail:

    The Players

    UL = unordered list
    OL = ordered list
    LI = list item

    List items are children of ordered lists or unordered lists. In an unordered list, LI's normally have bullet points. In an ordered list, LI's normally have numbers.

    Said post contains an OL (ordered list), but the formatting instruction above
    says, among other things, to display the flower picture for list items both types of list, and to suppress the normal bullet points or numbers. (I guess this is a bug in the Blogger template. It's not a surprising one because people don't often use ordered lists.)

    The change I proposed effects this behavior only for list items within unordered lists, and leaves ordered lists with default formatting.

    Sam Spade

  6. Thank you Sid & Sam for how to change list style.

    Sid, there is a poll gadget for voting. I need to go back in to mine & extend the 6 day limit if permitted. Don't be fooled by my blog name. The poll was a reprieve from my serious posts (legal, financial & political).

    Moms Hugs (aka Eve)


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