Monday, May 11, 2009

Thought For Food

I believe it was Charles Krauthammer, former psychiatrist and current non-stop denouncer of Barack Obama, who coined the term "Bush Derangement Syndrome" to describe the criticisms of George Bush coming from the left. Unlike that good doctor, I've actually seen occasional positive in things Bush did, and have said so. Things like funding efforts against AIDS in Africa (although they were too attached to abstinenence education), and what I thought, at first, was a fairly rational stand on stem cell research, given the whackness of his base. I never criticized his invasion of Afghanistan, and was glad he did it using the plan developed by the CIA under Clinton. Wish he hadn't cut back and run to Iraq.

I wonder how Chucky would distinguish his and the RWS™ constant criticism of literally everything Obama, from an equivalent "derangement." For example, I'm thoroughly convinced George W. Bush was the worst president ever visited upon us, the truth of which will only get stronger as time passes.

But I've never criticized his choice of hamburger condiments.


  1. I still can't figure this one out. Dijon mustard is elitist? I don't like it because it is TOO HOT! Lots of Republicans like it HOT. I prefer French's mustard, the regular yellow stuff we've been using for decades.

    Maybe it was that snooty Grey Poupon mustard advertisement with two guys in limousines passing the bottle between them. Now, THAT was an elitist advertisement! Last time I looked, there were plenty of good-ole-boys using that mustard.

    Now, can we discuss how the formula of Heinz Ketchup has changed since I was a kid?



  2. Sid, I hadn't even seen the Hannity link before I posted my comment.

    Clearly Hannity doesn't know his Dijon from his Poupon.



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