Monday, May 25, 2009

Housekeeping Issue

It's annoying enough to answer comments that are repetitive, uninteresting, and separated from fact (or from the point of the original post) by unbridgeable chasms. But as the excretors thereof, despite my pleas to do otherwise, insist on refraining from any sort of identification to help me know which anonymous troll I'm addressing, it's finally gotten to be too much. How hard could it be to end a comment with an X? Or, if there's already one there (trying to be helpful, here), a Y? Clearly, anonymous thought (if such it can be called) has hardly been exhausted before coming to the end. Coming up with a one-letter moniker shouldn't be too much, even for them. Right?

So from now on, anonymous comments with no identifier will no longer be responded to, by me anyway. (I've enjoyed, however, their fisking by a few more considerate readers.) They may or may not, depending on a discernible micro-connection with reality, if ever so slim, escape deletion.

I don't mind the insults. I don't mind the illogical and empty declarations, because it demonstrates so clearly my continuing claim that the current Republican party is bereft of good ideas and is failing us all in our need for intelligent counterpoint to one-party rule. The undistinguished (in at least two senses of the word) anonymous commenters who post here -- and by definition I have no idea how many there are (it's hard to believe one head alone could contain that much emptiness without collapsing on itself like Vulcan just did) -- have in common an inability to provide a reasonable argument; I can understand why they want no part of taking credit for them. Still, it's not as if anyone is tracking them down and rescinding their GEDs.

So. Gimme a sign, "anonymous." A mark, a clever name (okay, clever is hard. Never mind. A letter, a number). Or don't expect a response.


  1. I use WordPress for my blogs and the IP address of each commenter is displayed for me (not the public) to see. And I know that MovableType (the CMS they use at ScienceBlogs) lets the authors see IP addresses as well, so I'm sure Blogger does something similar.

    So if you care to distinguish between anonymous commenters, it's probably doable.

  2. Speaking just for myself, I wouldn't know where to find the IP addresses of people who comment on my blogspot. But maybe you could explain this to me? I'm just an intermediate user of blogs without great depth.

    Would I then still have to keep a trail of people identified by ISP ASSIGNED NUMBERS and try to recall one from the other?

    Sid, you're on your own. You know where I live.

    Best regards,


  3. Blogger doesn't seem to have a function for recording or identifying IP addresses. Maybe someday, though - Google keeps adding features.


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