Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Seems like the administration might have some explaining to do, after all. Maybe Fox "news" and the people for whom it's the mouthpiece have been right on this one. If so, it'll piss me off majorly; at the administration, not at the truth-tellers:

Gregory Hicks, who was the top deputy to the slain U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, will say his in written testimony that a second team of special operations officers were told not to fly to Benghazi on the evening of the attack.That team was scheduled to depart on a C-130 airplane to Benghazi that eventually took flight at 6:00 am on the morning of September 12. Less than one hour earlier, a round of mortar fire killed two CIA contractors—Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods — standing guard at a CIA annex in Benghazi.
While a team of CIA contractors from Tripoli did arrive in Benghazi late in the evening of the attack, Hicks' testimony sheds new light on the military's response to the attack as it was taking place. The testimony from Hicks, who served as chief of mission for the U.S. embassy at Tripoli after Stevens was killed in the initial attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, contradicts what senior Obama administration officials told Congress in briefings last year.
Of course, there are other points of view, too. So I guess we just have to stay tuned. And, something else amazing I just read: even Fox and Friends, the trio to whom no conspiracy theory is too crazy, the gang of gasping egregiousness, finds reason to wonder if a massive coverup is really possible. Now I don't know what the hell to think. I mean, really! Fox and Friends isn't so sure anymore....?? I think I've crossed into another universe.

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