Thursday, May 16, 2013


I gotta say, even if Obama wasn't involved or informed, there's a lot of crap piling up that's disturbing: the IRS thing, the snooping on AP... I still think the Benghazi episode is way less of an indictment of the administration than Rs would like it to be, although I suppose there could be more to come out; but all in all, there'a a lot of blush coming off the rose. Lots of high fives, no doubt, in teabaggR cloak rooms in D.C.

Even though the "spying" on the press in the name of leaks is hardly something unique to Obama, it's pretty darn concerning. At least the data were subpoenaed, as opposed to when Bush started it. Also, it's amusing (if that's the word) that the investigations of the specific leaks to AP were begun by Holder on demand of Congressional Rs, who, now that he did it, are calling for his head. Almost as if they're cynical hypocrites.

As others have written, if nothing else, it all makes gridlock even tighter: how can any teabaggR cooperate in any way with Obama now? Not that they would have... But I think we've seen all we're gonna see of progressive legislation from here on out. And I have the feeling that Obama knows it, too; and, other than during his impeachment, he'll spend as much of the rest of his time as possible out of D.C. I know I would.

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