Monday, May 6, 2013

More To The Story?

If this is true, you'd think it might give warmongers like McCain and Graham pause; and would make President Obama's decision to wait for more information seem wise:

UN human rights investigators have spoken to the victims of Syria’s civil war and gathered medical testimonies which point to the Syrian rebels having used sarin nerve gas, while any allegations of its use by the government remain unsubstantiated.
The United Nations independent commission of inquiry on Syria has concluded that no evidence of the use of sarin by Syria’s government troops has so far been uncovered, said the lead commission member Carla Del Ponte on Sunday.
On the other hand, this is America in 2013, where the scoring of political points overrides everything else, at least for one party. And where it doesn't matter what our president does, or doesn't do: the right-wing scream machine will find a way to demonize it. And, of course, the report comes from the UN, so Nazi communist terrorist America hater.

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