Friday, May 31, 2013

Fool's Errand

Ironic. The guy who was running against Michele Bachmann, to whom I've given a little money now and then, has dropped out, too, following the exit of Ms Bachmann from the race. Which adds new insight: the only chance he had, a Democrat in a highly Republicanized district, was to run against her. Virtually any other R will have a lock on the seat. So I'd guess that among the real reasons she bailed (pending reports about her campaign finance illegalities, the fact that Mr Graves was polling very favorably) is that she was getting pressure from R movers and shakers to get the hell out.

So, whereas it's a good thing for the country, and, yes, for the smoking remnants of a formerly credible political party, that she's gone, it makes a D return to majority in the House that much more unlikely. So, you win some, you lose some. I'd rather have seen her stay in and lose. But her gonity, no matter the means, is a good thing for us all.

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