Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Shocking Truth

Now we can see, unvarnished, the horror that was the shockingly partisan IRS investigation of tax-exempt applicants. Here, in its awful awfulness, is the list of groups turned away at the time in question:

The I.R.S. denied tax exemption to the groups — Emerge Nevada, Emerge Maine and Emerge Massachusetts — because, the agency wrote in denial letters, they were set up specifically to cultivate Democratic candidates. Their Web sites ask for evidence that participants in their training programs are Democrats.
All I can say is, heads better roll.

(Parenthetically, it speaks loudly of the effectiveness of the well-coordinated Republican scream machine that no one in the administration pushed back by pointing out that, whereas it looks bad to have flagged certain words for scrutiny, the IRS was, in fact, doing what it's supposed to do; and that the groups about which all the gnashing is occurring were, in fact, approved; and that the ones that weren't, far as we know, were liberal ones. It's yet another example of shameless R cynicism and frustrating D wimpiness in the face of it.)

(Like what's good for the goose has never been on the other foot.)

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