Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Credit Where Credit Is Don't

Having done nothing significant for airline safety other than failing to appoint a new director of the FAA, Trump takes credit for 2017, "the safest" year for airline flight. As it happens, there were no US deaths for the past several years, and the only recent steps to improve safety were by Obama. Also, the record was for world-wide travel, for which Trump has done less than nothing. But, sure, okay.


If you want to take credit for airline safety, about which you've done nothing, Donald, what claim you regarding the fact that coal mining deaths in 2017 were double those in 2016? In that area you actually HAVE taken action. Namely, rolling back coal mining company safety requirements.


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  1. The link says it all, 8 deaths in 2016 and 15 in 2017. Gotta blame dumb ass Trump for that increase, its gotta be his win, he wants to claim this year is all about him, oh YEAH, what about the 302 billion $$$ in damages from storms, hurricane, fire and snow in 2017, he must be proud of that new record too. Lets give a round of hmmm... ah, if we can be rid of him, maybe that would help all of the rest of us. Impeachment is too nice a word, imprisonment works a lot better for this weasel.


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