Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best Reason Yet

I'm not cool with everything in the Senate health care bill, but I've been convinced it's a worthwhile start. And now, the above clip removes any doubt. I so want it to pass. I so want to see what Rush does. (Although I imagine it'd be a lot easier for him to get his Oxycontin in Costa Rica, although he might have to go off-market because it's, you know, a socialized system there.)

It's also worth noting that the caller hasn't a clue about the bill, nor does Rush. What "Federal Program" are they referring to? It's yet another example of how the Republicans, and their RWS™, and their propaganda machine known as Fox "news" have managed to get their lies and distortions out there, and how the Democrats -- in part because of the failures of the liberal (yeah, right!) media -- have utterly failed properly to inform people.


  1. Umm What Clip???
    must have clicked the wrong doo-hickey.
    Maybe its better your NOT operating anymore...


  2. OK, I'm not a mind reader, so I couldn't watch wat-eva link you forgot to provide, so had to do some investigative research on my own(wikipedia).
    How the EFFIN EFF can you EFFIN support the EFFIN Senate Version(Sorry, that was my Rahm Emanuel impression)
    1: NO Pubic Option
    2: Very restrictive Abortion provisions, albeit, not as restrictive as the Stupak(Democrat BTW)proviso, but still, if my daughters get a bad batch of Depo-Provera, I don't want em punished with a Baby.
    3: 10% Surtax on TANNING?!?!?!?! How are they gonna manage that??? Is there gonna be a meter in my backyard?? Will there be "Snitch" hot lines I can call if I suspect my neighbors doing some tanning under the table??? Jeez-Us

    Good on ya for the cheap shot at Rush! fat effin bas-turd


  3. Thanks, Frankie. I fixed it, I think. See, I knew you'd provide something useful, some day.


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