Monday, March 1, 2010

Shiny Object Lesson

The above image should be emblazoned everywhere. It says everything we need to know about where we are and where, unless reason returns to our politics, we're inevitably headed.

In case you hadn't heard, the image is the new logo of the Missile Defense Agency. It's hard to escape the horrible truth: not only is it DELIBERATELY created to echo Barack Obama's campaign emblem, it's an unmistakable -- if subtly coded -- reference and homage to Islam, based, as it is, on the STAR AND CRESCENT!!!!!!! To say it's evidence of a nefarious plot, a subliminal message to the Islamic world, encoding President Obama's plan to establish Sharia law in the US, to cry out to anyone who is listening, to awaken from slumber our country in its darkest hour, as our very existence is threatened, is merely to establish what's obvious...


I read the most laughable disquisition on the matter here, where "nefarious" is actually in print.

...A just-unveiled symbolic action suggests, however, that something even more nefarious is afoot...

...[Obama's missile policies] seem to fit an increasingly obvious and worrying pattern of official U.S. submission to Islam and the theo-political-legal program the latter’s authorities call Shariah...What could be code-breaking evidence of the latter explanation is to be found in the newly-disclosed redesign of the Missile Defense Agency logo...

...Watch this space as we identify and consider various, ominous and far more clear-cut acts of submission to Shariah by President Obama and his team..."

And here's the thing: the author is a regular commentator on cable news, a respected (by the crazed class) talking head on Fox "news" and is among the conniest of the neo-cons, an enthusiastic defender of the Iraq invasion and of torture. That people believe such crap: entirely unsurprising. Even in the comments on this blog, we see daily evidence. But that such a guy gets to micturate his stuff into the mainstream; that he is considered --by anyone -- credible; that listeners believe it, is why we're so clearly and truly screwed.

When I first heard this breathless story, a couple of thoughts occurred to me, as well they might to anyone with a modicum of sense: how likely is it that the President of the United States would be involved in the design of military logeri, and, given how the military and government work, what are the chances this thing was in the works long before Obama was president, much less running for the office?

Well, to the surprise of no one with a brain, to no one who isn't bathed, broiled, and steeped in constant paranoid hatred of our president, guess what:

"This was a logo that was developed three years ago for our recruiting materials and our public Web site," MDA spokesman Rick Lehner told our colleague Ed O'Keefe. "It did not replace our official MDA logo, and of course it has no ties to any political campaign. It was done one year before the 2008 elections. So the whole thing is pretty ridiculous." Lehner said the insignia was chosen because it was "cheaper, because it's three colors as opposed to the five colors on the official logo."

Hey. Wait a damn minute. Three years ago??? That was during the BUSH ADMINISTRATION. Omigod. It's just as I've said: since Bush's invasion of Iraq gave Osama bin Laden everything he wanted and more, it's BUSH who's the secret Muslim.

Well, I guess since it's so stupid it should just be laughed off. Point out how crazy are the RWS™ and those who believe them, and move on. But the problem is, that's not tea in those tea bags: it's this sort of sh*t. Dipping it in their polluted water, over and over, screaming nonsense, certain of their victimhood, people drink this particular form of poison and take to the streets in the throes of their dance macabre.

It's a poison unique in its ability to kill those who don't even touch it to their lips. Which is exactly what it's doing, even as the above example -- only because it's more obvious than most -- ought to be more than enough to discredit the purveyors and to inoculate the sippers.

[Well, who'd've thunk: I wrote this post a couple of days ago, since which time it seems Mr Gaffney has found Jesus, as it were. Good for him. However, it doesn't change the fact that he believes, finds it entirely credible that President Obama is planning to place our country under Sharia law; his retraction was only about the symbol; he did nothing to back a way from the underlying claim. And, clearly, there are plenty of people only too happy to believe the crap they hear: in the interval between writing this and posting it I've gotten a classic (and anonymous, of course) comment on the previous post, claiming Obama is a "socialist" who "hates white people." So, like the dude, the crazy abides.]


  1. Well, who ever said that some folks let the FACTS get in the way of the reporting.

  2. Frank, far be it from me to criticize, but there's a point beyond which it's just weird. Really, you should check the hoses.

  3. Those are MY facts, and if you don't believe them, I have others...


  4. I never heard of this emblem you speak of. I don't care about it either.

    Both sides are disingenuous.

    What do you think about Nancy Pelosi coming out over the weekend stating they have similarities with the Tea Party ..after trying to put the Nazi label on them as well as astro turf and the worst of all comparing them to the violence in SanFrancisco in the 70s. That last one upset me greatly because it felt like she was trying to insight violence. There will always be fringe lwls and rws', but the majority of us are normal..decent people who have differing political views.

    Obviously a political ploy for re-elections ..but foolish since all the other stuff is out there on film for all to see.

  5. Both sides are disingenuous. Agree.

    But this sort of crazy is reserved for the far right. And their believers. Nancy is embarrassing. But her comment isn't on the same planet as this stuff.

  6. Her comment is pretty bad ..given how awful she tried to make them look. Good people... like you or me and she said those things.

    At least crazy ..maybe you can blow off as *crazy*.

    What does that make her when she did what she did, said what she said, then tries to say they are similar and then blame the right for trying to influence them? She wanted no part of the tea party people and was not in any way kind or supportive and now tries to align herself with them?

    And she's not crazy.

    Despicable woman. And dumb perhaps or dumb like a fox if people fall for it.

  7. Seaspray, you're perfect. No matter what I say, you'll fall back on your pre-recorded Foxobeckian diatribe. You have so many layers of insulation, nothing will ever get through. It would shake your foundations.

    So, fine. I point out something, you respond with something entirely different. You should find Frankie and move in with him. Assuming Glenn is taken.

  8. Dr S ..Shhh! I've been trying to keep my perfection a secret!

    Anyway.. It has nothing to do with Fox beck whatever. I have eyes and ears and watched for myself.

    Will you please give me just a bit of credit here?

    What if you were a respectful tea party attender and she said those heinous things about you? Then this past weekend you saw her say what she did?

    How would you feel?

    I really don't think you would need a broadcast network or their hosts to form your opinions for you. See ..I am giving you credit.
    My reaction just that *my* reaction.

    But you know ..what you just did..the second I make a valid point (and btw would do it with a republican too), it is you who projects your feelings onto me and then fall back on the very thing you accuse me of always fall back on blaming my views on foxbeck whatever.

    And I cannot imagine that progressives liked hearing those words come out of her mouth even if disingenuous. Do they need fox bec whatever to translate/think for them too?

    Please stop throwing foxbeck stuff at me. You resort to that when you know I have a point.

  9. No. I resort to that when you make an irrelevant point over and over. Like your mentor/idols. And, in case you didn't notice, I said Pelosi is an embarrassment. So why are you still harping on it? And implying I ignored it? Answer: you're programmed like a robot.

    You have no entry points in your Foxobeckian armor for anything but their "news." Which, of course, is exactly what they hope to accomplish. And, obviously, did. While you deny you're brainwashed. Also their fondest hope.

  10. I saw your point and saw that you agreed. I was just venting because she really bothered me with that.

    I am well aware when you agree with something.

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