Friday, March 5, 2010

Bringing It Down

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Okay, after yesterday's heat, I think the above clip provides a little global cooling. Goose/gander. Turnabout/fair play. Sort of stuff. Like it is.


  1. Umm Sid, if I wanted to watch lame Comedy Central Re-runs I could do it on my 75inch Pioneer Kuro, in stunning 3D 2160p, y'see they have this thing called the Day-Vay-Are(Al Gore gay voice reference)..
    I mean, I link to lame videos too, but at least it's cool stuff, like teenage girls doin a bad lip-synch to "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls, that you can't see on regular TV unless its Internet capable, and then only at the end of some of the best writing since JD Salinger hung up his cleats back in the 50's...
    It's still 30 effin degrees in Atlanta, when's the Global Warming start??


  2. 60ยบ here, Frankie, after the warmest January on record. Dangerously low snow pack prompting stories in the local papers about higher electricity rates, along with drought this summer. Will mow my lawn today, for the sixth or so time since January.

    I have no idea what this has to do with the Colbert video, but it does seem appropriate to point out that what goes on in Atlanta does not a climate make. Plus, the video was just to say I'm not continuously over the edge. Just when I listen to the RWS™ or read you.

  3. 60 degrees???? Your makin my point Sid, isn't it SUMMER where you live???
    And anyway, that lisping fruit Algore said the increasing CO2 is making it Snow, so howcome you don't have any, oh yeah, your in one of those GREEN States...
    Oughta be 90 if that Global Warmin's really happening...
    And give Al Gore Props for 1 thing, when he see's his shadow, you get 6 more weeks of Winter...



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