Friday, March 26, 2010

So Much For...

John McPOW is pissed. No more cooperation, says he, without evident irony. Stamping his feet and holding his breath, he cries that he didn't get his way on health care, scrabbles up his toys and stomps his way home. Having seen it many times, his mommy has hot chocolate ready when he gets there.

This is the guy who, had he not selected a shameless liar and know-nothing as his running mate, might have lost the election less dramatically. The maverick, the do-the-right-thing patriot, the guy who thought claiming to believe in "Country First" would earn him votes, while putting it second or lower in so many ways throughout his campaign, has decided to raise his middle finger and to ask, most respectfully, that we all sit on it and spin. Heroically.

In his party, he's far from alone. What marbles they haven't lost, they are scooping up like goodie bags at the Oscars; they are sulking like six-year-olds. (When asked about McCain, Robert Gibbs pointed out the strategy doesn't work for his six year old. Asked if he was comparing McCain to a six-year-old, he missed the opportunity to say, "No. My six-year-old eventually listens to reason.")

Although I sort of doubt it'll happen, there are some signs Republicans might be having second thoughts. Willingly, they passed up opportunities to shape legislation, calculating they could gain more by causing it to fail. Might that change? One can hope. But it seems the few who believe working to get things done for the American people is a good thing, that finding ways to cooperate in exchange for getting concessions to their liking, are not only few but are abandoned by their party.

In a thoughtful world, it would be suicidal strategy. In a thoughtful world.


  1. Hate to admit it, but your right...
    The Republicans are lookin a little too much like "The Homos after DOMA passed by overwhelming bipartisan supermajorities in both houses and signed by Democrat President" Caucus...
    But be honest, that 10% tanning tax is gonna hurt...I know, just tan in the back yard, but my neighbor looks like Kim Jong-Il's sex offender younger brother...


  2. There are many reasons not to like McCain. For me, the biggest one is the complete sham that is his reputation for supporting Veterans. His voting record on Vet's issues is unconscionable. And then what does he do? He fights the NEW GI Bill and then when passed he has the unmitigated gall to try to take credit for it. The guy is a cockroach despite his service.


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