Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Follow Up

Regarding the Liz Cheney outrage (which none of my "conservative" commenters has remotely rejected, it should be noted), Glenn Greenwald asks a good question.
One of the most inane acts undertaken by the Democratic Congress was its formal and highly bipartisan condemnation of MoveOn.org's "Petraeus/Betrayus" ad. Regardless of one's views of that ad, formally opining on the views of private citizens is not the role of Congress. But since they did that, and apparently believe that repugnant political campaigns merit Congressional disapproval, shouldn't there be some form of formal sanction for the far more pernicious and genuinely McCarthyite attacks on DOJ lawyers from Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol's "Keep America Safe"?
Hard to imagine the Democrats doing something like that. Not because of ethics, or even hypocrisy. Because they couldn't sell lemonade in a heat wave. And, of course, because they don't have one-tenth the balls of Republicans.


  1. Maybe there's the additional fear of being targeted by that sort of inane-but-effective slander campaign? That's how it worked the first time.

  2. Probably right. But it's instructive (of what, I'm not sure) that they were perfectly willing to join the RWS™ in condemning a lefty group, but don't seem to have much to say about the even greater outrage of this righty group. The fact is that Rs are ruthless (and shameless) about controlling message, to an extent that Ds will never be. Why? Maybe because -- at least to a greater extent than Rs -- even congressional liberals have retained a modicum of self-respect.

  3. Well, it just goes to show how old age changes perceptions. I read "Condemnations" and my simple mind went to the recently completed Olympic Winter Games, for which the Monterey Aids Foundation had donated 100,000 condoms. Four days later, an emergency shipment of 20,000 more was required. God bless those young vitalic bodies and give them the strength to persevere in combat and athletics. In the original "Rocky", his trainer said, "Sex weakens legs". Evidently that is not true. Obviously, I was born TOO SOON. Forgive me, Dr. Schwab, but the entire thing went so far over my head that I feel shamed and small.

  4. Sorry. I should have linked back to the earlier post to which I was referring. Done and done.


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