Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Call It What It Is

The thing that knows no bounds. Congressional Rs, the RWS™, and all those that believe them are in an uproar over the possible use of a legislative technique called "self-executing" something or other. It's unconstitutional, they roar. Except when THEY used it themselves (35 times), and the Ds claimed it was unconstitutional, it went to court. And was found constitutional. Of course, there's also the fact that anger is easy; understanding is hard.

I'm not saying hypocrisy is the domain of a single party. It's just that the Rs do things they decried in the past with a level of abandon never before seen, rousing their receptive rabble, ignoring their own past without an iota of shame. Counting on the willful ignorance of their followers, they know they'll get away with it. As can easily be confirmed in the darkest recesses of comment threads even here, there's no chance their true believers will recall (or even check) what happened in that dim past... of the last administration. With the impunity that springs from the support of the unquestioning, they prevaricate with the passion of the possessed.

By hypocrisy.

At least when Nancy Pelosi lies, she blinks a lot.


  1. Plagiarism at it’s best: And to think that you had original thoughts. That has now been deemed to be utterly absurd.

    “Constitutional”? “ 35 times”? Where’s the proof? How about a link to the case law? How about a link to the “35 times”?

    If you want to prove your point, how about links to some facts rather than to a blogger that you plagiarized.


  2. Um, Phil. I believe it's not plagarism when one links to the post in question. And, not to get too facty for you, plagarism is the direct use of another's writing without attribution. You are aware, aren't you, that the link you provided is in the very first paragraph of my post?

    Nor are Norm Orenstein and The American Enterprise Institute just "a blogger."

    But nice job of ignoring the point. It's as if everyone who comments negatively here has taken their orders from the same playbook. Sort of, you know, like Congressional Rs. Far be it from you to come up with something original. Or, for that matter, relevant.

  3. Hey Frank- Are you friends with "in an uproar" physician Joe Lisanti? I'm telling ya, there's a guy who most likely needs a checklist. This guy says he's been to DC five times to protect his patients? Now that's a novel idea when it comes to practicing medicine! C'mon Franky, fess up, I bet you're secretly in love with Dr. Joe- you lil' devil you...


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