Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well, there goes another one for the crazies.

Of course the guy was probably zapped by one of those zapper neutralizer thingies. I'm not gonna believe him.


  1. Well, THANK GOD. I am SO RELIEVED to learn that the CIA has finally come to the conclusion that chasing down E.T. sightings is a fruitless endeavor for the agency to pursue for another half century!

    Perhaps now they'll be able to focus their "Vigilance From Above" scopes more clearly upon discovering OBL's residential cave dwelling and, maybe, even capturing the one terrestrial being who continues to evade the NRO's eyes in the skies.

    "CIA concludes study of UFOs futile — who'd trust findings?" <- Hilarious title the journalist used on that article. He did a good job on both of those pieces, I like his sense of humor.

    Oh, and the TLJ's "MIB" pic was perfect - funny stuff.

  2. Hi Sid, All I can say is that negates about 1/3 of all nighttime talk show conversation through the years! When I replaced Larry King on air at Miami's WIOD in December 1971, I had to fill that graveyard shift 1 AM to 5:30 AM, for months. Believe me, it was tough work for this talkative and well-informed young mother of two toddlers. Much of the conversation consisted of UFOs pro or con, conspiracy theories on Kennedy assassination with endless guests. We also depended on Miami's proximity to the Bermuda Triangle to go over and over that phenomenon. Astrologers and psychics came to the station and helped fill the hours. Remember, it was not like today. People needed a real telephone to call a radio station! Funny story! A former boyfriend who had dumped me for a younger woman -- called me at WIOD while he was high on hashish. I had to gently tell him that it was wonderful hearing from him, but that had to terminate the call because of his sexually explicit commentary! Marty Miller of South Miami, I wonder what ever happened to you?


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